Nucific Bio X4 Review

These days, millions of Americans suffer from poor digestive health. Negative digestive health is usually a consequence of a poor diet, but it can also arise out of genetics and other health problems. To remedy the situation, you may have tried numerous probiotics on the market and found that many of them do not work. Rather than continue to struggle through your poor digestive health, an alternative solution is to read a review and find a product you like.

One particular product that has gained a great deal of attention in the recent year is Nucific Bio X4. Not only is it known to successfully provide you with all of the benefits of a quality probiotic, but it also recognized as a weight loss management resource.

What is Nucific Bio X4?

Nucific Bio X4 is a probiotic and weight management supplement, all in one. The brand claims that its duel probiotic and weight management properties arise out of its revolutionary compound formula that features 4 different nutrients. The 4 different nutrients are recognized for their ability to suppress appetite, enhance digestion and digestive support, and support the process of weight loss. Nucific’s ingredients are also known to be completely natural and pure.

With Nucific, you can lose weight and attain healthy bowel movement that enhances the health of your immune system and digestive functioning. The digestive remedies include reducing gas, eliminating stomach pain, resolving constipation, and easing the absorption of minerals and nutrients, while reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and fats.

Aside from many of these functions, Nucific Bio X4 is very user friendly. The supplement does not contain allergens, it is gluten-free, and there are no GMOs (genetically modified organisms). With such high health standards, you can feel confident that you are getting a high quality product for your digestive and weight loss needs.

How Does Nucific Bio X4 Work?

Many products market that their capabilities, but they fail to pinpoint just how they provide you with such capabilities. The benefit of Nucific BioX4 is that it is pretty transparent in terms of its probiotic and weight loss capabilities.

Nucific Bio X4’s capabilities arise out of its formula and the ingredients that make up the formula. Here are the main components of the formula that help spur proper digestive health and weight loss:

The Digestive Enzyme Blend

The digestive enzyme blend contains 39 billion colony-forming units, also known as CFUs. These units are a proprietary of the enzyme blend. The colony forming units is a type of bacteria or yeast that are able reproduce and generate more bacteria or yeast. After the reproductive process, the bacteria or yeast work to balance the levels of good and bad microorganisms in the digestive tract. They mainly provide this benefit by attacking the back bacteria and overcoming it by producing more good bacteria. In addition to attacking and eliminating the bad bacteria, the colony forming units also enhance the body’s immune system. For most people, the main benefits of the colony forming unit is that it reduces the impact of irritable bowel syndrome, remedies diarrhea, and it also eliminates gas, bloating, and constipation.

Green Tea to Increase Metabolism

The formula also contains green tea, which is known to boost your metabolism. When your body’s metabolism increases, you are able to burn more calories throughout the day. It is recommended that when taking a metabolism enhancing substance, you should also perform some physical activity at the same time.

For example, going to the gym and taking a metabolism boosting mechanism will allow you to speed up your metabolism even more for an added benefit and more prominent weight loss. While physical activity is certainly not a requirement with this supplement, you should just keep in mind that it can help.

Cravings Suppression with Caralluma Fibriata

The supplement also contains a substance known as Caralluma Fibriata. This substance has craving suppression properties. The appetite suppression usually extends throughout the day and it prevents you from unnecessary snacking that can lead to weight gain. In addition, the appetite suppression will lead you to eat a smaller meal – which means that you are taking in fewer calories, while your body is burning more from the increased metabolism.

The Weight Loss Impact

Whether you are taking the supplement for the weight loss benefit or the probiotic benefit too, you may be wondering how it impacts your weight loss efforts. The weight loss impact really does depend on how you use the supplement. For instance, if you truly do refrain from eating when you have a suppressed appetite and partake in physical activity when taking the supplement, you should notice substantial results.

The probiotic health impact will also lead to better digestion, which will lead to stronger absorption of nutrients and minerals conductive to a healthy diet.

 Side Effects

As with any dietary supplement, one of your main concerns may be whether or not the supplement has any side effects. As a result of its natural ingredient blend, Nucific Bio X4 does not have any reported side effects that are threatening or serious.

If anything, the caffeine content in the green tea may cause some stomach discomfort if you are sensitive to stimulants. On the other hand, the other ingredients are completely safe and you should not have any issues. If you are still concerned, it is best to try the supplement first and gauge how it affects you.


Nucific Bio X4 is recommended for individuals who  have digestive problems and are also looking to lose weight. The product does lead to positive results, as long as you use it correctly. To purchase the product, simply visit the manufacturer’s website. You will find that there are three different offerings of the product.

The first option is for $49, you can purchase 90 capsules. Second, you can spend $129 for 3 bottles (270 capsules) and third, $240 for an 18 month supply. Keep in mind that when you order the larger capsule orders, you can save 12% and 18% respectively. If you are unhappy with the product, you can also take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee. Keep in mind that the clock starts ticking at the date of purchase. At the end of the day, you really have nothing to lose. Best of all, you will likely enjoy the benefits that the product has to offer.

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