If you are looking for a supplement with proven ingredients that have little-to-no negative side-effects, then look no further than Nutrabolics’ SUPERNOVA.

This pre-workout powder is designed to give you that extra push required to fulfill your workout regimen. When someone starts working out, the fun takes away the pain and laxity that comes with a change of schedule.


However, after a couple of days or even weeks for some, your performance might go down. SUPERNOVA is bound to ignite a flame in your body that will not only and to your performance but also spike your energy levels exponentially.

To acquire that body you have always dreamed of a few sacrifices have to be made. Besides, you are required to lift more weight and participate in more rigorous exercises to tune your body and make it adapt to this new lifestyle.

In a way, SUPERNOVA also plays a significant role in your weight loss campaign. A supplement that gives you the power to lift more or lasts longer in an aerobic session is exactly what you need especially for those days when you are required to but don’t feel like hitting the gym.

That amazing pump delivered with every scoop of SUPERNOVA is what most athletes and ordinary people alike wish they had every time they left the gym without completing their training regimen after succumbing to fatigue.

SUPERNOVA Ingredients

Here are some of the ingredients used to make this supplement and ways in which they help your body.

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is a vital ingredient in all supplements meant to give you a super pump. It is no surprise to find it in one of the best pre-workout supplements. After ingestion, Citrulline is taken to the liver where it is converted into Arginine.

Arginine is responsible for the amount of Nitric acid the body produces, the more nitric acid there is in your blood, the higher your pump will be when training.

And considering that there is around 6,000mg of Citrulline in a single bottle of SUPERNOVA, be prepared for a significant energy boost after using this supplement.


Research has shown that this ingredient works best when combined with Creatine. However, the essence of that combination mostly aids muscle mass building and might not be as active in an aerobics class.

Still, a single dose of Betaine is enough to triple your physical performance. Not to mention, it is safe and has been medically approved eliminating any chances if side effects.


There have been discussions regarding the amount of Theanine used in SUPERNOVA. Some believe that the 100g used are not enough to provide a significant and lasting impact. As such, some people have been reported to use this supplement in double doses.

Contrary to those claims, the amount of Theanine used is just enough to provide the energy you need. An excess of this ingredient would do more harm than good to your body.

Theanine’s chief purpose is to reduce both stress and anxiety. Seeing that Supernova also contains caffeine, an ingredient to reduce the jitters that come with high caffeine content. Theanine is not the only Nootropic used in Supernova, 150mg of Huperzine help deliver the mental sharpness required for effective training.


200mg of caffeine are expected to give you one heck of a boost. Even if you took this in coffee as a beverage and not as an ingredient in your favorite supplement, that would still be a lot of coffee to consume.

However, that amount is exactly what is required to give you the punch needed to see your workout through. Also, it’s well balanced by the Nootropics mentioned above to prevent any side effects that may arise with excessive caffeine consumption.


Betaine might be a little hard to absorb into the blood stream, so this ingredient helps in that regard. However, that is not the only thing that makes it an ingredient for SUPERNOVA; Dendrobium is also vital for proper digestion. To achieve physical fitness, essential processes in the body such as digestion need to occur seamlessly.


Other than the ingredients named above, SUPERNOVA also contains powerful stimulants such as Synephrine and Theobromine. Also, unlike most supplements, it has no calories, gluten or sugar, aspartame, propriety blends, artificial colors or fillers.

What’s more, its effect can be felt almost instantly, giving you the endurance and energy required for a proper workout.

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