A healthy immune system is vital to good health. It protects people from all kinds of diseases. When life becomes hectic, it puts a lot of stress on the immune system. It’s important to keep the immune system healthy in order to function properly. Nutramunity may be the solution to improve the immune system.

What Is Nutramunity?

Nutramunity Beta-Glucan is an ingredient that can be used in supplements, foods, and beverages to help the immune system. It claims to be potent and safe. This ingredient helps people cope with the daily stresses of life all year round.

About Nutramunity

It was established in 2009 as NutraQ AS. The company is a business vendor of specialty ingredients. The ingredients are used in food, drinks, supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care products.

The company’s headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. They work with locations in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. NutraQ AS manufactures their supplements and health products to their sister companies.

How Does Nutramunity Work?

Nutramunity attaches itself to the immune cells. This results in biochemical events that affect the immune system. Nutramunity fights off the harmful microorganisms that people encounter everyday.

Nutramunity can be taken orally, or it can be applied to the skin. It helps the immune system function properly, supports inflammatory health, and respiratory health. When people apply this product to their skin, it claims to repair, renew, and protect the skin.

Immune health is significant for everyone when it comes to lifestyle, age, and profession. Nutramunity benefits people who are vulnerable to infections. People, who are stressed, have kids, are elderly, are in the healthcare profession, travel, and are athletes, fall into this category.

What Are The Ingredients?

Nutramunity has ingredients that benefit the immune systems of not only people but also animals. Beta-glucans and Yeast beta-glucans exist inside this immune health solution. These beta-glucans help the immune system.

Beta-glucans- are complex carbohydrates that are indigestible. Polymers created from glucose molecules connect them. The beta-glucans can either work for the body or have no effect at all. It is found naturally in yeast, fungi, grains, algae, and bacteria.

Yeast beta-glucans- is a beta-glucan that is the most effective in regards to immune modulation. It contains beta -1, 3/1, 6-glucan. The immune support comes from the baker’s yeast. It is the only beta-glucan that has the potential to stimulate the immune system.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not examined the statements made by Nutramunity. This product’s purpose is not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. People who are interested in learning more about the ingredients should contact NutraQ on their website.

People can learn more about Nutramunity by downloading the brochures, whitepapers, and other materials. There is information on how to mange stress and other useful information to improve immune health with Nutramunity.

Nutramunity Products

Nutramunity comes in three grades. The NBG Particulate, the NBG Sport, and the NBG Suspension. These grades are naturally derived, bioactive, GMP, no GMOs, halal-certified, and kosher-certified. These products are also EU Novel Food approved, GRAS, no gluten/lactose, non-allergenic, and non-immunogenic.

NGB Particulate- enhances the immune system, improves inflammation and respiratory health. It can go into food, dietary supplements, and drinks. It has a food grade of >75% yeast beta-glucan isolate and comes as a cream colored powder.

NGB Suspension- is applied to the skin. It has a cosmetic grade of 5% dispersion of beta-glucan in water. It triggers the immune cells to become more effective in destroying the harmful microorganisms. This results in getting rid of infected skin cells and regenerating those cells as well as injured skin cells.

NGB Sport- is an ingredient that works in sports products. The NGB Sport product can be included in powdered and premixed beverages, bars, stick packs, and dietary supplements. It has a food grade for sports nutrition of >75% beta-glucan. It helps with immune function, inflammatory response, and respiratory health.

The Benefits Of Nutramunity

Nutramunity is an immune health ingredient that can be put into food, drinks, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and to improve sports nutrition. This ingredient claims to improve the immune system in all these areas of health. Nutramunity works inside the body to protect the body from sickness and disease.

Food & Drinks- There are a variety of foods and drinks that are suitable for Nutramunity. Soup, bread, cake mixes, cookies, granola bars, and protein bars are some of the foods that works with Nutramunity. Meal replacement beverages, fruit smoothies, and sports and functional drinks are suitable with Nutramunity.

Dietary supplements- Nutramunity is appealing in food supplements for immune health. It is safe for people with an allergy to yeast. Nutramunity claims to be safe when taken with supplements.

Cosmetics- The health immune ingredient helps with skin repair, skin renewal, and skin protection. It also improves the production of collagen and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Nutramunity can be used with body lotion, face cream, lip sticks, hand lotion, moisturizers, face masks, anti-aging cream, and so much more.

Sports Nutrition- A healthy functioning immune system is important to how well people perform in sports. Nutramunity maintains healthy immune function. Athletes can quickly recover from the stress of exercise because of Nutramunity.

Nutramunity Research

Many researchers and companies around the globe have studied Nutramunity. Clinical studies have found that the yeast in Nutramunity has improved immune function, resulted in healthy inflammatory response, and skin health. The yeast has also helped the performance of athletes and children.

Nutramunity Review Summary

Nutramunity is a powder that protects the immune system from sickness and disease. This ingredient can be ingested in food, drinks, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition products. It works inside the body to fight off the harmful microorganisms.

Beta-glucans and yeast beta-glucans exist inside Nutramunity to keep the immune system at its best. The FDA hasn’t evaluated the statements made by the website about Nutramunity. The three NGB grades are all-natural and have many benefits to improve immune function. Clinical studies claim the immune system benefits from the use of Nutramunity. The immune system should not be ignored.

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