Health and fitness supplements have become immensely popular in the past couple of decades, this is predominantly because many individuals have found that these products help them control their various issues like high blood pressure, glucose levels, blood sugar, anxiety, stress.

The biggest advantage these supplements offer is the fact that they do not need a prescription for purchase and a majority of these items have been made using naturally sourced ingredients.

This allows users to safely consume them over long durations without any visible side effects or issues like dependency problems or toxin buildup.

What Is Nutri-Health?

The Nutri-Health company was founded in 1987 as a result of the market being flooded with countless placebo supplements which were essentially easy ways of making money.

The primary manufacturing facility is located in Northern Arizona where the company started off with making probiotic products.

Their key moment in the spotlight came with the advent of the Flora Source Multi Probiotic formula which to date has sold over 2 million units and continues to be one of the biggest probiotics available in the market today.

As the years have progressed Nutri Health has devised several key supplements which have practically become household names throughout America, these include ArthroZyme and ArthroZyme Plus, which include a powerful enzyme called serratiopeptidase that helps to keep joints comfortable and moving freely.

Why Nutri-Health Products?

There are key elements to all of the offered products by Nutri-Health which set them apart from the competition, these aspects include:

Made In The USA:

Everything including the formulation, encapsulation, bottling, packaging, selling and shipping are done in facilities that are located in the United States. All items come with a full quality, purity and freshness guarantee.

180 Day Guarantee:

The digestive enzymes, dietary supplements come with a long 180 day full refund guarantee in case users are unhappy with the quality of the product or the results they have obtained through their use.

Business Certifications:

Many sellers are known to be highly efficient while taking orders but when it comes to making refunds or helping out customers they often lack in customer service.

Nutri-Health has been given an A+ certification by the Better Business Bureau which means that customer satisfaction practices followed by the company are of the highest standards.

Online Reputation:

Some online supplement stores reek of dodginess, as soon as one logs onto their website there is a feeling of poor quality and scamming practices.

However nutri-health has been awarded the ‘trusted by google’ badge which ensures that the website is completely legitimate and has been around for many years.

Nutri-Health Products

Some of the supplements being offered by the company include:

Flora Source Multi Probiotic:

Its known to deliver friendly bacteria to our gut, this healthy bacteria helps restore balance to our overall digestive functioning and improve the working of all our organs. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Promotion of good digestion through the cleansing of one’s colon and intestines
  • Elimination of gas buildup and issues related to flatulence
  • Reduction in constipation caused due to partial digestion and poor stomach acid production
  • Maintenance of healthy bacteria even under stressful conditions.
  • Easing of nausea related symptoms so that users can lead active and healthy lives.


This formula has been specially crafted to help promote joint health and allows users to reap benefits like:

  • Comfortable joints and bones through the supply of adequate lubrication and nutrition.
  • Supporting in healthy cartilage maintenance and formation so that as one ages the effects of wear and tear are minimized.
  • Allowing individuals to increase their flexibility, mobility and movement.

Flora Sinus:

It consists of many ingredients which have been clinically tested to provide a dual effect of sinus relief and overall relaxation. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Enhanced mucus flow so that there are no blockages or incessant nasal irritation.
  • Alleviation of nasal pressure so that users can breathe normally and comfortably.
  • Allows stored and dried up mucus to be released.
  • Eliminates the buildup of phlegm which may occur in one’s throat.
  • Improvement of healthy bacterial content in our nasal and digestive passages.

ZymaZorb Digestive Enzyme:

The blend contains a comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes which help users to digest their food effectively and efficiently. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Contains a compound called Amylase which helps in the digestion of carbohydrates.
  • There are good quantities of Protease which helps in the faster synthesis of proteins.
  • The supplement contains active agents which break down fats and sugars that are present in a majority of foods that we consume these days.

Nutri-Health Pricing

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online. All of the products have been neatly arranged in relevant categories so that users can access these products easily.

Individuals can also access the nutritional profile and pricing of these items by simply clicking on them. Payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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