The best way to ensure that you’re getting the correct macronutrients and a balanced diet is to prepare food at home, but sometimes this isn’t so easy. Creating meal plans and shopping lists, purchasing ingredients, following recipes and finding time to cook is getting increasingly difficult in our time-poor modern world, and many busy professionals, students and full time workers with families are turning to time-saving food delivery services.

Pre-prepared home meal delivery has exploded over the last five years, and is now a multi billion dollar industry with thousands of services available across the United States and all over the world. There are a wide variety of different food delivery services available, covering all kinds of dietary requirements, cuisines, and distribution methods. Having food delivered to your home can be convenient and time saving, but often lacks proper nutritional balance and doesn’t offer the same level of satisfaction that cooking at home can provide.

Peach dish is revolutionary new meal delivery service that places the control of the culinary experience back in the hands of the user. Offering a huge range of meals, Peach Dish does everything for you but cook, taking the hard work out of meal planning and ingredient gathering and leaving the fun part for the user. Peach Dish makes it simple to cook chef inspired restaurant quality food without fussing over measurements and confusing online recipes. In this article we’ll break down the benefits and features of the Peach Dish service to help you decide whether PeachDish is right for you.

Who Are PeachDish?

Peach Dish is the brainchild of Atlanta native Hadi Irvani, a graduate of the University of Virginia. In 2013, Irvani was engaged in selling footwear online, but found his passion in hosting dinner parties in his leisure time. Eschewing the typical societal dining norms, Irvani enjoyed bringing friends together to cook a dish as a group, a fun activity he found helpful for breaking the ice between new friends and creating an interesting dining experience. While modern society is convenient and fast, it can be rare for people to find the time to get together for a group cooking and eating experience. Irvani found the guests that he invited to his self-cooking dinner parties loved the experience so much he began to experience demand for recipes and ingredients lists from friends and even strangers.

Irvani decided to package his DIY dinner party experience and make it available to people all across America. The very first shipment of Peach Dish meals was to just ten customers in the summer of 2013. Irvani sourced the ingredients from his local grocery store and didn’t include recipes in his initial business plan, just locally sourced ingredients from Georgia. Over the next year PeachDish grew in size and worked on meeting the feedback of the customer until in 2014 Irvani met farmer Judith Winfrey. Winfrey, a local organic farmer, advised employing strictly organic ingredients from local farmers to increase the health benefits and nutritional content of PeachDish.

Together, Judith and Irvani have created a meal delivery empire that ships over 200,000 meals every year to eager customers from all over the United States. PeachDish sources their ingredients from a huge amount of small scale organic farmers based in the US and engages popular southern chefs such as Steven Satterfield, Zeb Stevenson, Virginia Wills and Sheri Castle to create delicious, innovative and original recipes. The nutritional content of PeachDish meals are even analyzed by a professional on staff dietician and nutritional expert to make sure each meal delivers the best possible health benefits to PeachDish subscribers.

What is PeachDish?

PeachDish describes their service as an ‘adventure in a box’. Extolling the virtues of home cooked meals shared between friends, family and loved ones, PeachDish aims to enhance the home cooking experience by giving subscribers a restaurant quality menu broken down into simple, easy to follow recipe cards with all of the ingredients measured out beforehand. PeachDish users get to to all of the fun parts of cooking- preparation and cooking and enjoying, with none of the necessary leg work. The ingredients provided by PeachDIsh are sourced from local organic farms and shipped directly to the customer, allowing for the freshest possible produce.

How PeachDish Works

Cooking up a culinary masterpiece with PeachDish is easy. Subscribers simply receive a package once a week with all of the required recipe cards and pre measured ingredients needed to create the menu chosen for the week, which can be selected from the PeachDish website. Each week PeachDish offers customers eight different meals to choose from, broken down into two groups- four seasonal dishes that are available every week, and four weekly dishes that change every week. Each week, the alternating group fo meals will include two meat based protein dishes and two vegetarian dishes, while the seasonal dishes are designed to highlight natural, organic, seasonal produce.

There are no membership fees for PeachDish, and users can cancel at any time, a great advantage over other contract-based meal delivery plans. All of the PeachDish boxes ship produce inside an insulated liner, with ice packs to keep the food fresh and safe. Meats are separated from vegetables to assist with complex dietary requirements, and users are even able to pick the delivery day of the week that best suits them.

The PeachDish Menu

The PeachDish menu makes it incredibly easy to select nutritious, healthy, organic food to cook at home for yourself, family or friends. Each meal listed on the PeachDish menu is listed in the site with a series of images of the final products, a full list of ingredients broken down into what is provided versus what is needed by the customer, and a lengthy description of the meal with information about the origins of the dish. Nutritional information is provided in an easy to read format and clearly explains the calorie, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carb, sugar and protein levels of the meal. PeachDish even provide a short bio about the chef that created the dish on each individual meal page, offering interesting background on their inspiration and experience.

PeachDish Review – The Verdict

PeachDish offers a unique, original meal plan solution that takes the stress out of cooking quality, delicious, healthy meals at home. WIth a 100% satisfaction guarantee, PeachDish offer entire meals from just $12.50 USD. If you’re looking for an exciting new way to cook at home, PeachDish is the right meal service for you.

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