Supplements appear to be the new hustle.

It’s obvious. Every time you turn around there’s another supplement company claiming to have superior ingredients. Listen, there’re not that many ingredients in the world for all of these companies to claim to have the magic mixture.

But alas, they continue these claims, and I continue to be skeptical. That doesn’t mean there aren’t supplement companies that offer quality products, there’s just so many that don’t.

Hopefully the company I review today will be of the former. We shall see.

Performance Inspired

Performance Inspired is a supplement company that was created by the actor Mark Wahlberg.

That’s cool and all, but not really impressive to me. Just because a famous person co-signs or helps create a company doesn’t make it a good company and it doesn’t make the products good. But I’ll reserve my skepticism until we find out more. Let’s continue.

The whole point of the existence of Performance Inspired is so the creators could know exactly what was going into the formulations of the supplements.

They say that if they are to use it and also have their loved ones use products, they have to make sure its 100% safe. What better way to ensure this than to make your own company?

This brand offers products that are all-natural. They are completely opposed to synthetic material. Since I am as well, this fact makes the company a little more promising to me.

What also makes this company stand apart is because of the big names behind it, it’s self funded. This allows it to keep it’s overhead low and spend more money on expensive ingredients that other companies may overlook due to price.

I’m becoming more and more inspired by the minute.

I say this because everything this company is saying makes sense. Even the tone on their website sounds honest and transparent. I may have jumped the gun with my Mark Wahlberg comment.

He seems to have put a lot of thought and passion into this company and I’m all for it if what is being said is true. Let’s take a look at the products Performance Inspired offers.


When you click on the ‘Products’ link right away you see that Performance Inspired doesn’t offer many products.

That’s not a bad thing. It could just be that they put so much effort in the products they currently carry that they haven’t had enough time to develop more. The type of products I see listed are Performance Whey, Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, BCAA’s, and a Mass Gainer.

Some of these products are listed but aren’t even available yet. But still, that’s not a deal breaker for me. A deal breaker would be them not living up to their word, and I haven’t seen that yet.

When I take a look at one of their products, performance whey protein, I see they have a picture of the ingredients it contains. Unfortunately, they don’t list out their ingredients with a brief description like other sites. I was disappointed with this fact.

If you are going to claim that your ingredients are top-notch, I need for you to put a lot of effort in telling me what the ingredients are.

Yea, we can always go to each ingredient and google whether or not it’s a filler, but who’s actually going to dedicate time to doing that? Not me.

This means that we have no proof whether or not their claims about high quality ingredients are even backed up.

Again, this could be because they are a newer company. I assume this because of the quality of their site and their lack of products. They seem to be in a beta stage.

Hopefully as they grow and get older this will be one of the first things they change. They can’t expect to make sales off of Mark Wahlbergs presence alone.

One thing they did live up to is the whole “affordable” thing. A container of performance whey is $34.99. That’s widely affordable for whey protein. Especially quality whey protein.

I would say the price is the saving grace for these products. Without that, I would have to say they’re not worth it at this time.


So what have we learned?

Performance Inspired is a supplement company that was started by the actor Mark Wahlberg and apparently the company believes they can float off this fact alone.

I say that because their site is junky and a good portion of their products are not even available yet to the public.

Also, the main product differentiation, which is the ingredients, are to be determined. As I said earlier, the only thing that may save this company is their price, but even there you aren’t really saving much, especially if they charge for shipping.

Do yourself a favor and save your money. There’s a lot of quality supplements out there that will help you achieve the physique of your dreams. No need to support Mark Wahlberg to do it.

At least wait until they get everything right.

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