Platinum Light Teeth is a set that helps you to eliminate the stains that cause your enamel to become yellowed and unattractive.

This treatment helps to both lighten the whiteness of your teeth and eliminate the toxins that create the unhealthy environment in the first place.

What Is Platinum Light Teeth?

Taking care of your body is a lifetime responsibility, requiring that you keep both the inside and outside of it clean as much as possible.

Unfortunately, your indulgent desires can take precedence sometimes, which means that you give in to a few of your worst vices, like smoking or eating sweets.

You may think that these actions will only impact your weight or digestive system, but any oral substance can cause stains on your teeth that a toothbrush can’t eliminate.

To regain the healthy state of your teeth, you need to create a better oral environment. That’s when the Platinum Light Teeth Whitening System comes in.

The Platinum Light Teeth is a multi-party system that helps you whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. It brings out the natural white hue that your teeth are supposed to have over the course of a few days.

However, this treatment doesn’t bleach your teeth to achieve this effect; the whitening gel contains specific chemicals that neutralize toxins in your mouth.

With that type of power, you can strengthen your teeth and the enamel to defend themselves against different substances that can stain them. You don’t need surgery or a dentist visit to get the whiteness you want – you just need the Platinum Light Teeth system.


Platinum Light Teeth Set

The only way you can get all the benefits of Platinum Light Teeth is with the right equipment. This set has everything you might require for your whitening experience, which means that you will not need to purchase separate products.

This set includes:

  • A premium case
  • Four whitening solutions syringes
  • Two premium teeth trays – one for your bottom jaw, and one for the top
  • A premium top/bottom teeth tray
  • A whitening light

Since the kit includes a carrying case, you can bring the treatment along wherever you go. That means, if you’re on a business trip, and want to make a good impression, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth before you introduce yourself to a potential or new client.

If you need to refill the treatment, and continue to use the regimen, the refills are available for a monthly cost of $39.95.

Platinum Light Teeth Ingredients

There are two reasons that the Platinum Light Teeth system is effective – the ingredients in the whitening gel, and the reaction from the LED light.

The LED light is used to bring out the stains and discoloration in your teeth. However, it’s not possible to whiten any of your enamel without the gel, which consists of the following ingredients:



Glycerin is used to help penetrate deeply into the enamel for quicker whitening.


Carmabide is the part of the chemicals that brings out the true whiteness of your smile. The base of the remedy is hydrogen peroxide, but the gel’s other ingredients help to give this chemical the reaction it needs to lift the stains from your enamel.


The mint in the gel is only included for the refreshing taste and scent. Even though you should brush your teeth before any whitening treatment anyway, the mint gives you the finishing touch.


EDTA is an abbreviation for “Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid.” It’s presence in the Platinum Light Teeth remedy is to help create a pure environment for your teeth, obliterating any toxins that are causing the stains to accumulate.

As the toxins are eliminated, your teeth can become whiter than you’ve experienced in recent history.


Using Platinum Light Teeth

When you use the whitening set from Platinum Light Teeth, you won’t have to worry about any pain or discomfort during the process. Everything included makes it easier to get the precision that you would have at the doctor’s office.

The website doesn’t list specific directions for the system, but similar sets instruct you to apply the formula to freshly brushed teeth, exposing your teeth to the included light for a set amount of time.

Some models require 20 minutes, while others can demand over an hour of use.

For specific treatment times, refer to the guide in your package to read the complete directions.

Purchasing Platinum Light Teeth

To get this Advanced Whitening Kit, you will only need to cover the cost of the set ($29.95), the sales tax ($6.95), and the shipping fees ($9.95), which is a total of $46.85.

The policy of the company is not to accept returns within any time frame for a refund. Instead, if you decide to send back the product, you will be charged for a 30% restocking fee.

Platinum Light Teeth Contacts

With limited information about the Platinum Light Teeth system online, you may have questions that you want to address before you engage in the remedy. The customer service team makes themselves available to consumers via email or phone calls.

The team has no limitations on their hours of operation, offering full availability on all days and at all hours. You can choose to call the company at 1-844-416-4286, or email them a message at

Platinum Light Teeth Review Summary

Creating a healthy environment for your teeth is essential to their longevity. Without proper oral care, you risk chipping, breaking, and potentially losing the teeth that are supposed to be permanent.

With the Platinum Light Teeth, you get performance that is unheard of with home kits. If you want to give your best impression, this is the whitening system for you.

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