Primal Sleep Systems Review

Current studies show that most people do not get the recommended amount of sleep per night. In actuality, they get far less than the seven or eight hours they need to function well the next day. Many do not get the sleep they need for a number of reasons, mainly because they cannot fall asleep or their sleep is only a “light” type of sleep. Rather than struggle every night and trying to fight off your energy crash throughout the next day with caffeine, the alternative is to find a product that can help you sleep deeper and longer.

Primary Sleep System seems to successfully achieve this end goal.


What Is Primal Sleep Systems?

Primal Sleep Systems is an a forward-thinking concept that gives you the information and resources that you need to sleep better throughout the night – every night. The book, which acts as a manual, enables you to take control of your sleep patterns by guiding you on how to shift away from the impact of artificial light from smartphones, tablets, TVs, noise, and more.

Through the program, you will not only be able to sleep better, but you will also reap in the benefits of a good night’s sleep and prevent yourself from suffering from the consequences of a lack of sleep. Studies show that those who sleep poorly experience weight gain, diabetes, chronic disease, and the accumulation of abdominal fat at a rapid pace. By sleeping well, you can enjoy your life more and take charge of your day.

The Creator

To fully understand a product and to solidify its legitimacy, it can be wildly helpful to touch upon the source. In this case, Primal Sleep Systems was developed by an individual named David Sinick. Sinick is no stranger to developing effective products that work for people. In addition to creating Primal Sleep Systems, Sinick also created Paleo Hacks LLC for those who were looking to change their diet in a positive manner by going back to their primal roots and eating habits.

Primal Sleep Systems is based upon a similar premise – that returning to the primal cycle to reset the way you function is the best way to achieve positive results. With this program, you can improve your sleep schedule for a better and brighter next day. As it is developed by someone who has experience in product generation, you can feel confident that you’re making the right decision.


How Does Primal Sleep Systems Work?

The concept of Primal Sleep Systems is pretty easy to understand. In this case, you learn about a number of “sleep hacks” from the large e-book manual that you can download after purchasing the program. The sleep hacks explain the life factors that can positively impact your chances of attaining a deep and good night’s sleep. A few of the most prominent examples that are explained in-depth in the book are the sleep environment and the types of electronics you use. The program also delineates certain actions that you can take throughout your day to improve your night’s sleep.

Aside from the core manual that comes in e-book form, the second part of the program is the binaural beat technology. The technology is a set of calming and stress-reducing audio tracks. While you may think that this music is just a way to calm your senses before you sleep, the impact is actually much deeper than that. The audio tracks are encoded with varying frequencies that go into each ear. The specialized and targeted frequencies enable your min to relax and transition it into a mode that signals that it is time to sleep. The audio recordings coupled with the information from the e-book together give you everything you need to sleep well throughout the night.

A Point to Consider

primal-sleep-manualKeep in mind that when you listen to the audio recordings, you need to do so through headphones. Speakers are an inadequate way to attain the full benefit of the audio recordings since they need to be sent straight through both ears. The type of headphones that you use does not really matter, so long as they are secure an stay on before you fall asleep.

The Audio Files

There are three different audio files that you receive with the program. The audio files include:

1.      Primal Sleep – Delta Waves

The first audio files works to slow down your brain function and it signals to your brain that this is the time to start transitioning into the sleep cycle. After your brain is signaled with the delta waves, the recording eases into theta waves.

2.      Nature Mind – Theta Waves

The theta waves are the next step of the sleep cycle. The theta waves, like the delta waves, are a 30 minute recording. Here, your overactive mind starts to relax and your body is conditioned to release any built up tension and stress so that you may sleep better. The third stage is reverting to deeper delta waves.

3.      Deep Dreams – Delta Waves

Finally, the last 30 minutes to two hours is where your body falls into the sleep cycle.

The three recordings, put together, are an experience of calming and peaceful meditation sounds. You can be confident that it works to provide you with results since the sleep cycle concept is supported by numerous clinical trial. With the outstanding level of support, you can feel confident that your body will respond well and that the program will work for you.

Bonus an Pricing

In addition to the e-book and audio files, you also receive a bonus guide that provides you with meal information that may allow you to sleep better. The guide covers the foods that have a negative impact on your sleep patterns and which foods will do you well.

The program can be bought at the manufacturer’s website for a mere $10. If you are unhappy with the product, then you have 60 days from the date of purchase to return it.


Overall, Primal Sleep Systems is well priced, it seems like it is an effective product, and it gives you the resources you need to sleep well throughout the night. Even if on the off chance you are still skeptical, then think of it this way – you really do not have anything to lose. In the unlikely scenario that the product does not work for you, you can simply return it. However, based upon current customer satisfaction levels, Primal Sleep Systems seems like it is a step in the right direction to helping almost anyone attain a deeper and better night’s sleep.

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