Prostate health is extremely important to the condition of the male body. According to statistics released by the National Cancer Institute, approximately 12.9% of men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime.

Many more men, however, suffer from a health condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, which is commonly referred to as an enlarged prostate.

A new supplement created by Thera Botanics is showing a great deal of promise in assisting men that suffer from BPH with the symptoms of the condition and keep the swelling of their prostate in check.

Prosvent and Prosvent Ultra are innovative, groundbreaking new all-natural formulas that contain a potent herbal extract that has been clinically proven to deliver immediate and significant effects.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Prosvent formula and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right BPH treatment for you.

The Importance Of Prostate Health

An enlarged prostate can cause a variety of health effects. The exact reason why the prostates of some men become enlarged is unknown, but it is linked to aging.

As the male body grows older, the risk of developing an enlarged prostate increases- more than 90% of men over the age of 80 have an enlarged prostate.

BPH causes minor incontinence at the end of urination, inability to urinate, incontinence, pain during urination, chronic urinary tract infections, bloody urine, and many other debilitating and unwanted symptoms.

Most men that possess BPH experience only minor symptoms, but more severe cases can require the use of powerful pharmaceutical compounds, such as alpha-1 blockers, which are generally used to treat high blood pressure.

These treatments carry a wide range of unwanted side effects, such as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

In particularly severe cases of BPH, surgery may be necessary to remove the prostate, which, in some cases, can necessitate the removal of the testicles.

There is, however, a natural and herbal preventative treatment that is so effective in minimizing the effects and symptoms of BPH or enlarged prostate that the University of Maryland Medical Center, a leading BPH research center, recommends it directly.

An extract of the common nettle, commonly referred to as saw palmetto, or urtica dioica, has been scientifically proven to significantly improve prostate health and provide effective relief from BPH.

What Is Prosvent?

Rated as the number one best-selling natural prostate care formula in the United States for 10 years running, Prosvent is a unique proprietary formula that contains four synergistic herbal extracts that have all been conclusively proven in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials to effectively minimize the health impact of BPH and improve prostate health.

Designed to support urinary health, slow the increase of prostate size, and address the primary symptoms of BPH, the Prosvent formula is able to reduce urinary urgency, hesitancy, and stream difficulty, while balancing urinary frequency and delivering a wide range of health benefits.

A major advantage of the Prosvent formula is that it’s completely pharmaceutical free, and therefore free from side effects. Many of the pharmaceutical compounds that are prescribed by doctors to treat BPH can cause difficulty in maintaining or achieving an erection, or negatively impact libido.

The herbal formula of Prosvent causes no negative interactions and has no unwanted side effects, making it one of the safest prostate health solutions available on the market

The Prosvent formula holds another advantage over many of the other prostate health supplements that flood the market- it’s manufactured entirely in the United States in a cGMP compliant production facility and is tested and verified independently for purity.

We’ll proceed to take a look at the ingredients in the Prosvent formula and examine the clinical evidence that supports it to find out whether they are backed by real scientific results:

Prosvent Formula

The full details of the Prosvent formula aren’t publicly available, as the formula- despite being approved for distribution and consumption by the FDA- is proprietary.

There Botanics have made two clinical studies available, however, the prove the effectiveness of two of the primary components in treating BPH and promoting prostate health.

The first ingredient, urtica dioica, is an extract of the common nettle plant. Nettle extract has an established and clinically-proven ability to both reduce the effects enlarged prostate, and reduce the proliferation of prostate cancer cells.

A 2013 meta-analysis of nettle extract found that it is able to significantly reduce prostate size over just eight weeks of supplementation.

Another trial performed in 2000 found that nettle extract is able to slow the growth and proliferation of prostate cancer cells by 30%, making it one of the most effective preventative methods for inhibiting the growth of prostate cancer available.

The second ingredient that Thera Botanics have made publicly available is b-sitosterol, a phytosterol that is commonly found in foods such as rice bran, corn bran, and pistachio nuts.

There are many studies that show this unique phytosterol is able to function as an effective replacement treatment for BPH, able to improve urinary function and flow.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial of b-sitosterol performed by the Department of Urology at Ruhr University in Germany in 1995 assessed the efficacy of phytosterol in treating over 200 individuals diagnosed with BPH.

The study found that the supplement is able to prevent urinary incontinence after urination and enhance peak urination flow, resolving many of the symptoms caused by BPA.

Prosvent Verdict

Although Thera Botanics don’t make the full ingredient list of Prosvent or Prosvent Ultra available publicly, the scientific evidence that supports the ingredients they do divulge is definitely able to support the claims they make of their supplement.

Furthermore, Prosvent is covered by a 100% money back guarantee that promises users immediate relief in just 30 days of usage, or There Botanics will provide a complete refund.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, proven, and reliable prostate health support supplement to help reduce or prevent the symptoms of BPA and enlarged prostate, Prosvent is one of the best options available.


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