Pure Body Naturals is a company that creates all-natural products for skincare and makeup application. This is our review.

What is Pure Body Naturals?

Seeking out the right skincare and beauty products for your complexion is essential to maintaining your young look. However, many women are convinced that using makeup is the key to making yourself beautiful.

In reality, you should feel encouraged to show off your natural beauty. You need to find the products that are able to adequately show of your true beauty inside, but without excessive amounts of makeup. That’s where Pure Body Naturals comes in.

Pure Body Naturals focuses on the natural beauty of its consumers, rather than desired to alter them.

This is not the traditional skincare company, since you won’t find any cleansers or face washes here. Instead, you will find a wide array of spa-quality beauty products that help you to bring out your natural radiance and create soft skin.


This product line was developed by Jonathan Stevens, who saw that there was a serious lack of natural ingredients in the beauty industry.

The high amount of artificial ingredients and chemicals in each product has the potential to cause serious breakouts, unless you have resistant skin. Stevens did his research, and eventually returned with the inventory available in Pure Body Naturals.

Pure Body Naturals is a popular brand with thousands of consumers that rely on their high-quality products, like the Dead Sea Mud Mask and Vitamin C Serum. The company constantly looks to create or update products to maintain customer satisfaction for years to come.

To find the latest updates on these products, you can seek out the information available on their social media profiles. At this time, they have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Pure Body Naturals Products

All of the products from Pure Body Naturals seem to have one thing in common – making you look and feel great. With essential oils and total body care products, you will be able to relax easily, knowing that you are looking your best at any given moment of the day.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are fairly popular in beauty and skincare regimens right now. Essential oils can be used for everything from stress to muscle pain. You can use them in aromatherapy by pouring the oils into a diffuser, or you can rub it into your skin. Pure Body Naturals makes a variety of different essential oils, each of which serves a different purpose. Ranging from $11.95 to $19.50, the essential oils include:

  • Argan oil
    • Helps to moisturize and restore your skin and hair
  • Castor Oil
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Helps with skin irritations
    • Improves complexion and scalp
  • Frankincense oil
    • Benefits every system in the body
  • Jojoba Oil
    • Cleanses hair and body, while adding shine
  • Lavender Oil
    • Offers a calming effect
  • Undiluted lemon oil (no benefits listed)
  • Undiluted peppermint oil
    • Serves as a disinfectant
    • Not designed for bodily use
  • Rose hip oil
    • Helps to heal different skin conditions, like stretchmarks and discoloration
  • Sweet almond oil
    • Hydrates skin while improving your overall complexion
  • Tamanu oil
    • Treats a variety of blemishes on the skin
  • Tea tree oil
    • Solves many types of skin conditions without being abrasive or potent
  • Ylang Ylang oil
    • Stimulates hair growth

Face Care

pure-body-naturals-dead-sea-mud-maskYour face is one of the most sensitive areas of skin on your body. It produces a greater amount of oil than the rest of your body, but products that are meant for moisturizing your body are too strong. You need to cater to the skin on your face with your daily regimens. This category ranges from $9.90 to $21.50, and includes:

  • Facial scrubs
  • Masks
  • Eye gels
  • Anti-aging products
  • Moisturizer
  • Essential oils for skincare

Hair Care

Your hair has its own pH balance that you must maintain as well. Just like your face, your hair can fall into one of many types. However, the products you will find with Pure Body Naturals are not your classic hair care products like shampoos and conditioners.

Instead the company offers specialty projects, like hydrating masks and essential oils for hair repair. The products in this category range from $11.95 to $14.95.

Total Body Care

Even after you’ve treated the rest of your body, you still need to take care of your arms, legs, and other parts. This category includes specialty products as well, so you won’t find any soaps or perfumes.

However, you will find moisturizing oils, abrasive scrubs, and hydrating lotions to help make your skin soft and silky. The products in this category range from $11.95 to $21.50.

Beauty & Makeup Tools

It won’t do any good to buy any of the other products without having the right tools to apply them. This section is relatively small, and only includes:

  • Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set ($12.95)
  • Professional Eyelash Curler and Tweezer set ($17.95)
  • Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers set ($19.95)
  • Glam Lash – Eyelash & Brow Enhancer ($19.95)
  • Nail Polish Remover 100% Natural ($12.95)

Contacting Pure Body Naturals

If you want more information on the products, you can speak with a customer service representative. The company doesn’t list a phone number, but you can send email correspondence to info@purebodynaturals.com. You can also fill out the online form for your inquiry.


Pure Body Naturals offers recipes and formulas that are designed to work with your body’s natural environment and oils, rather than stripping them like other companies might. The makers of this brand help to make sure every product listed contains all natural products.

With the ability to order your products directly from the website, take advantage of the affordable pricing and reliable formulas.

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