Formerly a taboo and less known technique, colon cleansing has become a huge trend in body improvement and beauty regimens. There are many different options on the market, one of the most popular being colonic irrigation. Colon irrigation refers to the process of fluids being forced into a person’s rectum and then flushed out, removing any toxins or buildup along with it.

However, due to the increased demand for a more natural and less aggressive way to cleanse and detox the body, supplements are becoming more popular. Still, for those looking for an all-natural option, the choices are scarce. Pure Colon Detox claims to solve this problem by offering an all-natural, soothing way to cleanse the colon.

What is Pure Colon Detox?

Pure Colon Detox is a natural colon cleanse supplement that claims to rid the body of waste and give the digestion process a powerful boost. The supplement is taken in the form of a capsule/pill. The website claims that when the pills are taken with a normal diet, they will flush away unwanted toxins and reduce constipation as well any other stomach or digestion issues. It is meant to purify the body from the inside, providing a lighter, healthier feeling.

Pure Colon Detox is manufactured by a company by the name of Pure Colon Detox. The company can be contacted at 1-888-221-2554 or 1-646-688-0457 (for international customers). It is unclear exactly where the supplements are made, but the website states that they are made in the United States and shipped globally.

How Does Pure Colon Detox Work?

Pure Colon Detox claims to assist the body with processing unhealthy foods without using as much effort, allowing the release of more energy to be used for physical and mental activity. 2 capsules per day is the recommended dose. The website encourages users to take the daily dose on a regular, long-term basis, as this promises the best, most long lasting results. The website also recommends taking each capsule with one full glass of water, and making sure to stay hydrated with more fluids throughout the day.

Each bottle contains a full month’s supply, which is 60 capsules. Once the capsule has been digested, the Pure Colon Detox reaches the large intestine, where the cleansing agents detoxify and rid the body of any waste. The active ingredients also work to dissolve unhealthy bacteria and any food residue. While Pure Colon Detox cleanses the body from the inside, it also claims to enrich the body and skin with its ingredients and provide a clean, refreshed digestive system.

What Are The Ingredients?

Each Pure Colon Detox capsule weighs 1800mg and contains a formula made up of all natural ingredients. Listed below are the active ingredients and their benefits:

  • Fennel Seed – provides a strong source of fiber that helps remove toxins from the body
  • Ginger – helps rid the colon of built up waste and toxins and gives the immunes system a boost
  • Aloe Vera – cleanses the colon for ultimate weight loss
  • Cayenne Pepper – improves digestion and blood circulation while also reducing cramping and bloating
  • Rhubarb – resets the digestive track and improves liver function
  • Licorice Root – detoxifies and heals the digestive track and reduces inflammation

Each ingredient is included in the Pure Colon Detox formula for a specific reason that will be beneficial to the body. The active ingredients are claimed to provide the largest boost to the digestive system and are thus the most beneficial ingredients in the formula.

Why Choose Pure Colon Detox?

Choosing to cleanse your colon using supplements is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Although many people promote colonic irrigation, reviewers tend to report an unpleasant experience, and there are no definite studies that prove this to be the best way to detoxify the body.

Pure Colon Detox claims to work the natural way – it is taken orally goes through the body similar to the way food and fluids normally do. For those looking for a more natural, pleasant experience, Pure Colon Detox could be a very good option. It is also taken at home, which appeals to those who are self-conscious and don’t want to deal with an invasive, sometimes embarrassing doctor’s visit.

While every product is bound to come with some side effects, Pure Colon Detox seems to have very few for normal, healthy people. The website warns that pregnant women, those who are currently suffering an illness, and those with a history of digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, should consult their doctor before taking Pure Colon Detox. Common side effects include cramping, bloating, and nausea, especially for first time users.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a couple different ways a person can purchase Pure Colon Detox. The first way is to go online to their website, or, and sign up for the automatic refill, subscription. There is an option to begin with a 15-day free trial, which does not include shipping. Shipping costs $5 per bottle. If the product is not returned within 15 days, the buyer is charged $89 per month for a subscription with Pure Colon Detox.

For those who wish to buy Pure Colon Detox without the commitment of an automatic-refill subscription, there is a different option- Amazon. Potential buyers can search for and purchase Pure Colon Detox on Amazon for around the same price. This option gives user the opportunity to buy the product in bulk as well as the perk of not having to cancel a subscription when they are ready to stop using Pure Colon Detox.

Bottom Line – Is Pure Colon Detox Worth A Try?

For those looking to find a more natural, comfortable way to cleanse their digestive system, Pure Colon Detox offers an appealing option. While the cost is fairly high, compared to its competitors, the ingredients are all natural, which can’t be said about many other colon cleansing supplements.

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