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A recent study was released that examined the brains of newborn babies. According to this study, babies are born already addicted to sugar, although they have to learn to like salt. While the study was seen as interesting, though it didn’t get much buzz, it only proved what most people already intrinsically knew: People love sugar.


The truth is, there’s something about the sweetness that comes with items with sugar in them. Not only are they delicious, but they tend to relax people, sending them into an almost euphoric mindset. The love of sugar is so intense, that many products will use sugar even in their savory items, just to get that reaction from customers when they eat their foods.

As delicious as sugar is, there’s also a wide spread understanding that sugar is bad for the human body. The way sugar interacts with the brain causes a reaction that is very similar to a drug addiction. However, it’s what sugar does to the body that is most scary. Sugar has been tied to an increased risk in diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, cardiovascular conditions, and obesity. Despite these many horrific results tied to sugar, people still keep eating it.

Thankfully, there are several alternatives to sugar. One of the most health options available today is stevia. Made from leaves of the stevia plant, this alternative is able to sweeten products without causing the adverse reactions that sugar causes. And, for those looking for a stevia ingredient to use in their products, PureCircle offers the perfect solution.

About PureCircle

PureCircle was created with one goal in mind: To change how people talk about sweetness by promoting healthier diets and lifestyles through the incorporation of stevia. For a relatively new company, such big aspirations should have been impossible. However, PureCircle has shown that through hard work and dedication, as well as a high set of standards, not only can stevia begin to grow in popularity, but stevia can be the perfect foundation for a successful business.


In the years since the inception of PureCircle, it has become the world’s leading producer of stevia ingredients. By keeping all of its ingredients pure and of the highest quality, PureCircle has been able to leverage the influence of stevia leaf globally, one small leaf at a time.

While many of the partners that work with PureCircle are drawn to the quality of its product, even more are drawn to how the stevia created by the company is able to reduce calories in their products. And, more importantly, this reduction in calories that the PureCircle stevia is able to provide does not diminish the taste of the products in which it is used. For companies looking for an ingredient that they won’t have to compromise on, PureCircle is the perfect solution.

The majority of stevia ingredient companies on the market are completely content using the leaves and extractions created for them elsewhere. However, PureCircle makes sure to be involved in every step of the production process. Not only has PureCircle bred its own stevia seeds, but it is also involved in the harvesting, extraction, and application of the stevia ingredient. By staying so involved in the process, PureCircle is able to assure that it creates the highest quality ingredients, every step of the way.

The PureCircle process starts with the tiny stevia seed. For years, PureCircle worked to perfectly breed their stevia seeds, resulting in a breeding method that has maximized the best tasting parts of the leaf. However, the attention to detail wasn’t abandoned after the seeds. PureCircle has a patented extraction and purification process. Both of these processes are able to protect the quality of the stevia extract and maintain the sweetness for which the plant is so well-known. Once the stevia extract has been perfected, experts at PureCircle are able to create product specific solutions that offer the perfect options for the customers of PureCircle.

What Makes PureCircle Different?

PureCircle has completely revolutionized how using stevia and stevia ingredients are approached. PureCircle is very intent on making partnerships with companies who need a quality stevia ingredient for their products. In order to prove that PureCircle is the perfect partner for these dealings, the company has focused all its energy on becoming the most knowledgeable group of professionals available when it comes to stevia. Combined with the product expertise of its partners, PureCircle is able to offer the best solutions to even the most complex issues.

Because PureCircle is so focused on collaborating, its experts have been known to solve challenges that would stump other stevia providers. Over the years, these experts have been able to improve the taste profiles of products, all while creating deeper reductions and allowing better performance. However, all this is done without compromising the onto market speed or the product success.

A brief description of the many ways PureCircle can make a difference to those looking for stevia ingredient options can be found below.


As mentioned above, PureCircle is all about increasing the efficiencies of its partners. Working together, PureCircle can give its partners the tools and insights need to transform the sweetness and flavor profiles of their products. By creating this co-development relationship, the solutions offered by PureCircle are faster, allowing for a more efficient go-to market solution.

Experimental Design

PureCircle has a proprietary research platform which allows its stevia experts to work within the criteria set by its partners. PureCircle is extremely flexible, so it can work with manufacturing constraints, different taste profiles, cost saving options, pH levels, and much more so that its partners are able to get the best performance from their products as well as an extreme reduction in sugar.

Sensory Research

Sometimes a second set of eyes is critical for a product. With PureCircle, there are experts available to help screen products, provide guidance, research, validate data, or just provide feedback for partners. In order to keep things running properly for the partners of PureCircle, the company is able to keep things running efficiently, offering findings and information to allow the best go-to market efficiency.

Ingredient Selection Assistance

PureCircle knows stevia. Because of this, collaborating with the company allows its partners to get a customized solution that works just right for them. And, with the expansive portfolio that PureCircle has, it’s no wonder its experts are able to tweak and adjust formulas to be just right.

Products Sold by PureCircle

The key to the success of PureCircle is in its attention to detail. Because PureCircle has such a varied portfolio, it is able to offer partners everything they need to sweeten or flavor their products. With over 14 different options, ranging from the simplest to the most complex of solutions, PureCircle truly has something for everyone.

A brief description of some of the flavor profiles available in the PureCircle portfolio can be found below.

Alpha Family

With its clean taste profile, this family is able to suppress bitter or sour tastes within products, making it a great option for sugar reductions in products with more delicate flavors.

Delta Family

With a more extreme sweet taste, the Delta Family can be used in food or beverage products were a more extreme sugar reduction is needed.

PureCircle Flavors Family

Naturally enhancing flavors like tropical or fruit flavors to more earthy flavors, this family offers an upfront sweetness that is more rounded.

The Zeta Family

Made with steviol glycosides, this family offers the closest flavor profile to real sugar. For formulations that want low or zero calories, the Zeta Family offers the best solution

SG95 Family

For more complex flavors and more moderate sugar reductions, SG95 is a more economic option than others in the PureCircle flavor portfolio.

Reb A Family

The original PureCircle stevia ingredient, this family is able to provide an upfront sweetness for products that need moderate to extreme sugar reductions.

In addition to these families, PureCircle is creating Matrix, a solution that works very similarly to sugar, which allows it to be used for more extreme sugar reductions. And, Matrix will be able to reduce development time by about 30% to 50%, making it an exciting option for those who need their products as soon as possible.

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