Robin McGraw Revelation Review

Robin McGraw Revelation is a website that helps people become inspired to live their best lives. This is our review.

What is Robin McGraw Revelation?

Robin McGraw Revelation is a website that helps people become inspired to live their best lives. The website itself is more of an all-purpose website, which was created by Robin McGraw. There are multiple different categories. Some of the categories lead to blogs and articles, while some lead to products you can purchase.

The program started as a way to bring in more money for charitable organizations that help victims of multiple types of abuse.

Revelation Products

There are many different types of products that fall into one of these categories – skincare, fragrance, lip gloss, lifestyle, me o’ my, and apparel.



The skincare line of products involves a variety of different methods to maintaining clear skin. Revelation’s listing has everything from your basic facial cleanser to retinol serum to prevent the appearance of aging. Luckily, there are several kits available that combine skincare products, allowing you to save a little more money than if you were to buy them separately.


As far as personal fragrances, there is presently only one scent to use, and it holds the same title as the company name. However, you can get this scent as a perfume, a hand cream, a body butter, or a shower gel. You can get all the products in one set if you like, since you save the money you would’ve spent from buying each product individually.

Lip Gloss

Right now, the Revelation line of lip-glosses has about 8 different shades to choose from. If you want more than one, choose one of the multi-item sets to build up your makeup supplies. These lip glosses come with wants that makes them easy to apply.


The lifestyle section of the website features votive candles and pocket notebooks with words of encouragement. There are four different types of candle scents available and three books that are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Me O’ My

This category has small and tasty goodies, which are great as party favors, stocking stuffers, or additions to your computer desk for snacking while you surf social media. The goodies are low priced, making them a great way to give yourself a treat after a long week.


The apparel section is limited. It seems that this portion of the available merchandise was only added to be able to let consumers get the word out about the foundation and the company. Other companies would make this move to profit themselves, but Robin’s company does this to raise awareness about the charitable organization and bring more donations in to benefit those in need.

Pricing for Robin McGraw Revelation

Each category has different pricing for their particular products.

Most of the individual skincare products fall between $19.95 and $39.95. The only exceptions are sets with multiple products inside, which have an adjusted price for a better deal.

Right now, the fragrance line has four different products, which varying in price. However, you can get every item in this category for $75.00. The items are much more expensive separately, with the perfume costing $58.00 individually as it is.

Individual lip glosses cost $10.95. However, if you want a better value, choose one of the four-piece sets for only $29.99, regardless of which set you choose.

In the lifestyle section, you can choose a pocket-sized book or a votive candle. The votive candle is available for $10.95. The books can be purchased individually for $2.99 each, whereas the full set of books would only cost $6.95.

Any of the edible goodies in the Me O' My category don’t even cost $10.00, making them excellent add-on purchases at the end of your order.

Apparel is limited, but the prices are fair. If you pick the hat or shirts, you can keep your bill under $20. However, this section is home to the priciest purchase, which is a $215.00 purse with the brand’s logo.

Regardless of how much you need to spend, at least it all goes to a good cause. Every dime of the profits that are the result of sales on the website is sent straight to Robin McGraw’s charity.

About Robin McGraw


Robin McGraw is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, television personality and two-time #1 New York Times bestselling author. She is presently married to the popular psychologist and television personality, Dr. Phil McGraw. As a daily part of her husband’s television show, she desires to create an atmosphere that allows women to be the best version of themselves.

Robin started a charitable foundation years ago, called When Georgia Smiled. The program is meant to be the help that women needed to move past their histories of domestic abuse and sexual assault. This is just one of her many philanthropic contributions.

Robin described Revelation as “a purpose-driven lifestyle brand that brings to live her unique life philosophy of self-care.” With the help of her products, she hopes to help women gain confidence to build the life they want for themselves and others.


This company was started for selfless reasons, designed to help bring more money into a charity that supports the rehabilitation of women who have been through violent and difficult situations in their lifetime. Any dollar spent will not go towards anything but the charitable organization, When Georgia Smiles.

All of the items offered are designed to help women gain confidence in themselves, which is the key to making the life changes needed to get into a better living situation or out of a bad one. A dollar spent with this company is a wise investment, regardless of the product.

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