Our food is starting to become too heavily processed.

These overly-processed foods are wreaking havoc on our overall health. Just look around, food allergies are more prevalent than they’ve ever been, obesity is on the rise, everywhere people look they’ll see evidence of just how much damage these processed food are doing.

Many people have spoken out about GMO’s and other procedures that make our food less natural.

And rightfully so. It’s not that processed foods are inherently bad, it’s just that our food is slowly going from being in a natural state, to being developed in labs.

The fear is that this trend will continue until we reach a point of no return and ultimately discover how much damage has been done, but by then it will be too late.

Fortunately, some companies are taking the solution to this problem into their own hands. They understand that simply complaining about processed foods will not do much to stop it from occurring.

Instead, these noble companies are producing goods that retain the natural essence that all foods should have.

Their foods are the complete antithesis to popular processed foods that are found in a majority of homes today.

One of the companies on the vanguard of this revolution is RxBar.

About RxBar

RxBar is a company that is based out of Chicago. This company does one thing and does one thing very well; They make deliciously healthy bars.

Now when people hear the word “bar” in terms of food, the image that comes to mind is usually one that isn’t healthy.

People may think of cereal bars that are packed with sugar or ostensible “healthy” bars that are anything but that. If one were to look at the ingrdients of these bars they would see that health won’t be the end result of it’s consumption.

RxBar should not be confused with these highly-processed bricks. In fact, it’st the complete antithesis to what the companies who make these bars stand for.

This is because the people behind RxBar believe that food should be simple, since all food derived from nature is just that.

Not only should food be simple, it should also have nutritional value. Similar products put a premium on satiation so that is all consumers should expect to receive from those products.

RxBar lives up to this high standard not only by what they include in their bars, but also what is left out.

The RxBar does not contain any added sugar, GMO ingredients, dairy, soy, or gluten. Which is a rather admirable feat when it comes to a food product.

This bar contains none of the ingredients that have recently become buzzwords in many health-food communities, making it a viable option for people who choose to abstain from these ingredients.

This is how we should be handling the problem of processed food. The answer is not to bemoan the foods that are currently available, but rather get to work to create and spread the word of foods like RxBar that provide other options.

The Bar

The makers of RxBar are serious when they claim their bars come with no BS ingredients. One may think this is merely clever marketing, but it is grounded in truth.

Ultimate transparency is offered when it comes to what this company puts into these tasty bars. On the front of the package there is a list which shows exactly what goes into each flavor. Nothing more, nothing less.

Generally, each bar follows a template of ingredients, which include; egg whites, fruits and nuts.

That’s it. Simple and natural.

These simple ingredients are combined into 9 different flavors, which are:

  • Maple Sea Salt
  • Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Blueberry
  • Coconut Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter
  • Coffee Chocolate
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Spice (seasonal)

Let these flavors show that although these bars are simple when it comes to ingredients, doesn’t’ mean the taste suffers at all.

Not only are these bars delicious and healthy, but they are also affordable, which is a hard find in the health food space.

A box of 12 of these bars will only run $25.99. This means that they famous excuse of “healthy food is too expensive” is nullified by this bars existence.

If one decides to purchase these bars they will be well on their way to living a healthier life, and hopefully that momentum will spill over into other aspects of their diet.

RxBar Review Sumamry

Out of all the health-food bars available, RxBar is clearly the best. And it’s not even close.

These bars take the cake by way of what they don’t contain, instead of what they do. It’s just hard to find food that doesn’t contain all of those harmful ingredients and also taste good.

But that food does exist, RxBar proves that. And anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice taste but also want to avoid harmful ingredients should seriously consider it.

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