Saxenda is a medication that helps both men and women reduce their body weight and maintain their new figure. This remedy is only available through a prescription with your doctor, due to its intense potency.

What is Saxenda?

When you reach a certain weight for your body, you need to get help with losing weight. Some people think that the best choice is to get a personal trainer that can track your progress, while others focus on researching their own plan to customize the approach.

You need to find the right method for you, but there are some levels that your weight can reach where time is of the essence, and you need to lose fat now. That’s when your doctor may prescribe Saxenda.

Saxenda is approved by the FDA to be injected into your body and help you lose weight. This treatment is only meant for consumers that struggle with obesity or medical problems that are related to their weight.

This prescription is not the only step you need to take, once your doctor has reached a point of needing you to take medication. Along with performing the injection daily, you will also need to reduce the number of calories in your diet and add an exercise routine.

Choosing to use a prescription medication to help with your weight loss is usually an indication that you are posing a threat to your own health by continuing to gain weight.

You can usually lose weight easily with the right diet and exercise, but a medication can give you the boost you need to safely change your body at a much faster rate.

The Saxenda injection is just one of the many options in the pharmaceutical industry that gives you more control over your body in an effective way.

How Does Saxenda Work?

The purpose of Saxenda is to help you regulate your appetite in a way that allows you to consume less without craving more. When you regularly snack at night, you consume calories that your body doesn’t need and won’t have time to burn before you to sleep for the night.

However, as you snack each night, you basically train your body to be hungry during those times.

When you inject your body with Saxenda, you activate reactions in your body that help you feel less hungry. Essentially, you break the emotional habit of eating, which means that your body won’t be consuming as many calories, resulting in weight loss.

Everyone’s weight issues are individualized to their lifestyle and habits, so this formula may not work for everyone. You should speak with your doctor to determine the root cause of your weight gain before taking this medication.

If your problem is eating excessively, then he will probably prescribe you Saxenda. However, if your weight gain is due to a hormonal imbalance, a lack of physical activity, or a food allergy, he may take a different approach, since Saxenda does not handle these problems.

Using Saxenda

The Saxenda pen is meant to be administered by injecting it into your abdomen, upper leg, or upper arm. You should follow the directions given to you by your doctor when administering the treatment.

However, it is not meant to be injected directly into a vein or muscle, since it will not have the same impact as described.

The package will contain step-by-step directions about the proper way to use the pen, along with a dosing schedule that helps you remember to use it.

This treatment can be performed at any time of the day, and you can eat a meal or forgo food with it.

Pricing for Saxenda

Saxenda can only be distributed with a prescription, so you will need to speak with your doctor for permission to take it in the first place. Your cost will depend on the benefits of your insurance company and the copay that you’re responsible for.

The website has a Co-Pay Look-Up tool that will calculate the price for you.

If you do not have insurance, you will need to consult with your local pharmacy to determine the total cost that you will need to cover.

Contacting the Creators of Saxenda

Even though the website is a rich resource for information about this medication, you may find yourself with additional questions. If you’re a medical provider, you need to make sure you’re educated enough to give your patients information about the treatment.

That’s when you need to contact the customer service team at Novo Nordisk Inc.

The company is based out of New Jersey, and can be reached at (609) 987-5800. If your question is about the Saxenda product itself, you can call 1-800-727-6500.

The company also has a phone number that you can call for help with the Diabetes Patient Assistance Program, which is 1-866-310-7549.

If you prefer to contact the company electronically, you can fill out the online form.


The creators of Saxenda focus on targeting a big issue that many plus-size men and women have, which is consuming more calories than their body is spending.

By reducing your appetite and subsequently reducing the calories you consume, your body is forced to work off the stored fat you already have in your body. Progressively, you slim down without having to feel hungry or exhausted all the time, like most people are.

If you’re ready to take control and get a little help with your willpower, the Saxenda pen can help.

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