Do you love a clean bathtub, but don’t always have the energy to scrub, or get into those high shower corners? How about a sparkling toilet, but worry about the state of your knees when you’re done scrubbing it all by hand? ScrubTastic does this all for you.

About Scrubtastic

A comprehensive, rechargeable cleaning product that actually does the reaching and scrubbing for you.

It can be used to break apart hard water, lime build up, or soap scum without you having to put in the back breaking work.

The unit is specifically designed to put in the work so you don’t have to, helping you to restore bathroom fixtures to like-new in minutes.

With ScrubTastic, the 3 interchangeable, high powered brushes do the scrubbing for you, and each brush is a different size and shape so you can have the versatility to reach hard to get at spaces.

The choice of a round, flat, or angled heads are what makes ScrubTastic so versatile in the cleaning industry.

The round attachment is used for angles and round corners, the flat attachment is ideal for flat surfaces, and the angled attachment will fit perfectly into those corners.

With all the interchangeable heads, you’ll have something that cleans every corner of your house.

At over 300 rpm’s this product is guaranteed a high torque power to clean those difficult stains.

Have you ever put much thought into how many times you’ve ran the risk of injuring yourself while cleaning? Slips and falls, sprains, reinjuring pre-existing back, knee, or wrist injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome; all of these things can make simple chores painful and/or dangerous.

The repetitive motions and bending required to scrub out the grime and get into hard to reach corners can cause a real disinterest in the simplest things like cleaning, all because of the pain associated with it.

And we won’t mention the extra physical effort put into spring and fall cleaning.

These are all things we should all be able to tackle without worrying about the risk of hurting ourselves; all while feeling that urge to scrub windows, ceiling tiles, tires, window sills, behind toilets, and under and behind furniture.

Having your home spring or fall ready should never invoke feelings of fear of injury, or an inability to physically be able to maintain a clean household.

Not just for showers

ScrubTastic is used to clean anything from windows, to toilets, to car tires. ScrubTastic has been ideal for cleaning cooktops, ovens, and on top of the fridge; and the featured angled brush is perfect for cleaning inside sliding door and window tracks.

Boat owners love ScrubTastic because you can reach and clean even the most difficult to reach spaces. If it needs cleaning, ScrubTastic has it covered.

The rechargeable, cordless unit makes to easy to move from space to space with ease, no struggling to find an electrical outlet or having to store and carry extra cords.

ScrubTasic’s extendable arm is designed to reach those high or awkward spaces, shower corners, even behind toilets.

This feature is designed so you don’t have to stand on those dangerous ladders, or kneel in painful positions. Let’s not mention the back, wrist, and elbow pain associated with bending and scrubbing, ScrubTastic has taken care of this for you. Are you an arthritis sufferer?

ScrubTastic’s high torque spinning brushes have made it easy to reach every angle of your home so you can maintain a comfortable and clean standard of living. The standard we all deserve to have.

In a world of innovation and convenience, there should never be a time we are forced to run the risk of injury while doing very necessary tasks.

More importantly, tasks that improve our health and our overall standard of living.

What Are Others Saying About the ScrubTastic Product

Tara Wells reveals “ScrubTastic came in which it was stated an the attachments were great”

Donna Brown mentions “ScrubTastic is slow going but somewhat useful. It’s nice to have an assortment of attachments”

Simon Hale claims “The scrubbing engine works very well, but the brushes are rounded in such a way that the have little surface-area contact with the tub.

So it takes an unnecessarily long time to use the device, even though the device does work well, and eventually, the tub does get clean. Flatter brushes would be a big plus.”

How Much Does It Cost?

This kind of convenience must cost a fortune, you would think.

For $39.99 ScrubTastic can be sent to your home, shipping included.

This includes:

  • 2 ScrubTastic cleansers
  • 2 powered extension wands
  • 2 rounded heads
  • 2 flat heads
  • 2 angled heads

*2nd sets are included when you pay an additional $10 for a double order.

All with a free 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the convenience and ease provided by the ScrubTastic product, you will receive a full refund.

Commonly asked questions:

Q. How do you charge the batteries of the ScrubTastic prior to first use?

A. You need to charge it for 24 hours.

Q. How long does the battery last before needing to be recharged?

A. It lasts about a dozen times before needing to be recharged.

Q. Is the ScrubTastic noisy?

A. It’s about as noisy as a hair dryer.

Q. Could you use ScrubTastic to clean very old hardwood floors?

A. It’s better not to use this to clean hardwood floors because it may leave scratches. The bristles are a little hard.

Q. Do you have to apply your cleaner and water to the tub/walls before using the scrubber or does the water come through the scrubber?

A. It does not come through the scrubber.

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