The Shepherd's Diet is a diet based on ideas promoted in Christianity and the Bible. Find out everything you need to know about this unique new diet program today.

What Is Shepherd's Diet?

Do you like the sound of conventional diets – but feel they lack Christian morals? The Shepherd's Diet System is built for people like you.

The Shepherd's Diet System is found online at a number of websites – including and At these sites, you’ll learn that the Shepherd's Diet System is based on dieting strategies outlined by Jesus and the Bible.

The goal of the Shepherd’s Diet is to “empower 32 million Christians to transform their lives from sloth and gluttony to reverence for their body”.

Remember: sloth and gluttony are two of the 7 deadly sins. Thanks to the Shepherd's Diet, you can learn how to avoid this sin and discover the secret to a healthier diet.

By the way, it’s unclear where the makers of the Shepherd's Diet System got the “32 million Christians” number. There are 2.2 billion Christians in the world, although the website claims to only be targeted at 32 million of those Christians.

What will you learn in the Shepherd's Diet System? Let’s take a closer look at the Biblical Belly Breakthrough program.

How Does Shepherd's Diet Work?

The Shepherd's Diet System promises to help you burn fat away from your body using strategies that are approved by Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity in general.

The creator of the diet claims that you can lose up to 80 pounds by following the program. Some of the key parts of the program include:

The Shepherd's Diet System eBook:

This eBook outlines how to achieve your body in a step-by-step, God-approved way. It explains how to eliminate bad foods from your diet and how to start eating whole, healthy, Bible-approved foods.

What Jesus Would Eat:

Grocery Field Guide: The foods that Jesus ate are widely recognized as having powerful health benefits. This eBook teaches you how Jesus would have shopped at a grocery store.

“The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol:

How would Moses lose weight? This book teaches you his top secret.

Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide:

De-stressing is easier than you think. Through a combination of prayer and dietary strategies, you can eliminate stress and enjoy a calmer, more enjoyable life.

Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report:

What foods did Jesus eat to burn away his fat? Unfortunately, the Bible doesn’t disclose that information. However, this downloadable report Discover the foods you can easily add to your diet to start burning fat ASAP does.

What Did Jesus Really Eat?

The Bible contains some descriptions of foods that were eaten by Jesus and his disciples 2,000 years ago. However, most of the information we have about Jesus’s diet comes from historical records.

Those historical records show that people in the Middle East 2,000 years ago tended to eat a diet consisting mainly of crops like barley, olives, and grapes.

They also ate legumes like lentils, fava beans, and chick peas, along with vegetables like onions, leeks, and garlic. Essentially, it was an early version of today’s Mediterranean diet – which makes sense, considering Jesus lived close to the Mediterranean Sea.

For fruits, people of the Middle East during Jesus’s time period ate olives, grapes, date palms, apples, watermelons, pomegranates, figs, and sycamore. Sycamore, by the way, was a type of low-quality fig eaten mainly by members of the lowest class.

For meat, people of this time period raised sheep, goats, and cattle while also fishing from the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee. For alcohol, they typically drank wine. goes into great detail about Jesus’s dieting strategies. Although we can’t know what exactly Jesus ate every day, we do know what people like Jesus would typically eat on a daily basis.

Here’s a meal by meal breakdown courtesy of the historical record as described by, which cited the Bible and historical texts for their evidence:

  • Breakfast: Jesus would eat a light breakfast of bread or a piece of fruit. Bread was kneaded and baked every day.
  • Lunch: The midday meal would consist of a light lunch of bread, grain, olives, and figs.
  • Dinner: Dinner was the main meal of the day. It typically consists of a one-pot stew served in a common bowl. Jesus would spoon the stew using bread. The stew consisted of a thick porridge of vegetables, lentils, or chickpeas spiced with herbs.

Overall, Jesus’s diet was similar to today’s Mediterranean diet. It also had elements of today’s paleo diets, which emphasize whole foods free of processed ingredients (although obviously, Jesus ate quite a bit of bread, which isn’t described in the Shepherd’s Diet).

The goal of the Shepherd’s Diet System isn't only to replicate what Jesus ate every day. It’s also designed to help you build self-will and let the voice of God help you achieve your dietary goals.

The hardest part of dieting is building the willpower, and the Shepherd’s Diet system is designed to help you tackle that part of dieting.

Shepherd’s Diet Pricing

The Shepherd’s Diet is priced at $47 USD.

After your purchase is confirmed, you’ll receive immediate access to the diet program online. Then, you’ll be able to view the PDF files from any internet-connected devices, including your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Shepherd’s Diet Creator

There’s limited information about the Shepherd’s Diet available online, including who wrote it. All we really know is that you contact the publisher’s customer service department by email at or by phone at 855-232-7437.

Shepherd’s Diet Summary

The Shepherd’s Diet is a unique diet program marketed towards Christians online. The diet program promises to teach you how to lose weight in a Bible-friendly way. By eating the foods Jesus would eat on a daily basis, you can enjoy a variety of health benefits.

Of course, the Shepherd’s Diet isn’t just designed to teach you what Jesus would have eaten in a typical day (Jesus essentially ate a blend between a Mediterranean and paleo diet).

The program is also designed to teach you how to listen to God’s message through your body. Your brain takes about 20 minutes of eating to tell you that you’re full, for example, although many people continue eating past their “full” trigger.

By listening to God, you can build your willpower and lose weight in a more effective way.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the Shepherd’s Diet. By eating healthy, whole foods and by boosting your self-control, you’re guaranteed to enjoy remarkable weight loss results – and remove the sins of sloth and gluttony from your life.

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