There is no shortage to the amount of exercise equipment that is available to consumers today. With advents on as seen on TV products and online shopping, today there are more choices of products than ever.

As a consequence of the amount of choice that people have today, there are just as many scams and products that make misleading statements as there are legitimate exercise brands.

One such product that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank is the Simply Fit Board. This is a new workout device that claims to slim down the user’s waistline and improve coordination.

What Is The Simply Fit Board?

As previously stated, the Simply Fit Board is an innovative development in exercise equipment that aims to help people lose weight fast while also improving their balance by standing on a simple plastic board.

One operates the Simply Fit Board by standing on it and twisting around in different positions. The creators of the product touts it as a ‘A balance board with a twist.’

Some of the reported benefits using the Simply Fit board include a slimmer waistline, stronger core, and toned legs. This is all achieved through a low-impact workout that apparently anyone can do from the comfort of their living room.

How Does the Simply Fit Board Work?

The manufacturer coins the product as a ‘balance board with a twist’ because the user twists their whole body while using the device.

While most alternatives involve standing in one spot during exercise, the Simply Fit board has a curve in the middle that provides a slight twisting motion during exercise.

The manufacturer of the product asserts that the gentle twisting motion can help one burn off unwanted fat by increasing the user’s heartbeat. The twisting motion of the device reportedly exercises every core muscle in one’s body.

The Simply Fit Board package comes with numerous ten minute workouts

Some of the workouts include:

  • A simple twist (you stand on the board and twist back and forth)
  • Twisted bridges (tones your legs)
  • Bicep curls (stand on the Simply Fit Board while doing bicep curls)
  • Plank twists (place your two hands on the board while holding the plank)

It’s important to keep in mind that the ten workouts are only accessible online on the Simply Fit Board website. There are no physical DVDs that come with the product, so a fast internet connection is a must for purchasing the product.

The creators regularly post free content on their site in the form of challenges to keep the user’s workouts interesting and varied.

The manufacturer states that the device has been designed for women and men of all ages and fitness levels, even children can reportedly use the product. The company also releases recommended exercises that are tailored for minors.

Simply Fit Board Pricing

The Simply Fit Board is available in five different colors, all of which are priced at the same rate:

  • 1 Simply Fit Board: $44.95

Available colors include Electric Blue, Bright Magenta, Vibrant Lime, Radiant Red, and Atomic Orange.

How to Use the Simply Fit Board

After one purchases the product, it can be used straight out of the box, allowing one to ‘workout anywhere’, at least according to the company. One is advised to unpack the unit and set it on a flat steady surface.

One then begins the twisting exercises to strengthen the muscles in the core, back and legs.

One should keep in mind that it can be dangerous to use the product on cement or other hard surfaces in the case that one falls and hurts themselves. Rough surfaces can also damage the board, but working out on carpet or tile should be fine.

Who Makes the Simply Fit Board?

The device is made by a family business with its headquarters in Colorado, United States. They are a mother and daughter enterprise that includes Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clark. Linda is a woman in their 60s and it occurred to her to find a solution to belly fat.

Linda and Gloria reportedly had a telephone conversation where Linda suggested the idea of the board to provide customers with a simple fun and effective workout.

The product was released within two years of its inception and has become a popular fitness product worldwide.

What Are People Saying About The Simply Fit Board?

There is no shortage of positive reviews about the Simply Fit Board. People of many different fitness backgrounds and ages have used the product to great success. Users reported that their stomachs were slimmer, and their core and back muscles felt stronger and bigger.

Customers liked the fact that the product leverages one’s own body weight for doing the exercises instead of using expensive and potentially dangerous weights.

On the other hand, there is some criticism about the Simply Fit Board that should be addressed for the sake of being impartial. Most of the complaints stem from the company's use of resellers and third party websites.

There have been reports of faulty and missing deliveries, as well as the poor customer service through their network of distributors. It is debatable if this is the responsibility of the manufacturer or not.

It should be noted that the company did step in to provide a remedy in situations that it can control.

One thing to keep in mind about this product and the majority of goods sold online, is that everyone’s expectations of success is different. Success or disappointment is largely determined by one’s point of view.

Thus the above negative, and positive comments should not be taken at face value.

The Bottom Line – Is Simply Fit Board Recommended?

There is enough evidence that suggests the Simply Fit Board is a legitimate product that works as it is intended. The product is supported by a wealth of enthusiastic customers that are more than happy about the results from using the product.

In conclusion, if one is looking to reduce belly fat, as well as strengthen their core muscle groups with a fun and light product that is suitable for everybody, then the Simply Fit Board may be the product that one has been looking for.


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