SmartBiotics offers a number of high-quality supplements aimed at boosting health and wellness. The brand's selection of products helps deal with problems associated with irritable bowel syndrome, slow metabolism and more.

Established in 2015, the brand is well-known for its impressive line of probiotics. Its main aim is to transform the industry by offering premium supplements.

The offerings are designed to support the immune system, improve digestion and enhance overall health. The manufacturer plans to continue introducing innovative products that help people deal with specific health and wellness issues.

The supplements are designed to yield meaningful outcomes without compromising on the safety of users. For this reason, the company focuses on using only high-quality ingredients and advanced formulas.

SmartBiotics Satisfying Customer Needs

The majority of people are interested in supplements that are free from preservatives, starches, colorants, artificial sweeteners and other harmful chemicals. SmartBiotics satisfies this need by providing products containing natural ingredients. The supplements promote the body's natural processes by restoring required nutrients.

Good supplements make it easier for users to have healthy immune systems filled with beneficial bacteria. SmartBiotics provide a range of great supplements designed to deliver the desired results. The products are available on various online platforms, including Amazon and the manufacturer's official website.

SmartBiotics Product Range


Probioslim is designed to help users lose weight by improving digestive health. The product comes with a wide variety of bacterial cultures as well as Garcinia Cambogia. The latter has the capacity to stimulate metabolism naturally.

Probioslim does not contain caffeine, thus ensuring that eliminating the possibility of experiencing side effects. For this reason, the supplement is a superior choice when compared to similar products on the market.

The product also improves the functioning of the digestive system by delivering good bacteria. Its list of high-quality ingredients include kiwi fruit, papaya, fig, bacillus coagulans and super EGCG green tea leaf extract.

The experienced research team at ProbioSlim is dedicated to creating high-quality products that stand out on the market. As a result, customers can take advantage of a unique, proprietary formula designed to help individuals to lose weight and improve digestive health.

The product's formula is backed by science. The manufacturer ensures that all the ingredients have been thoroughly vetted and researched by Harvard- and MIT- trained scientists.

Weight loss is a sure-fire way to improve health and overall well-being. ProbioSlim provides the much-needed neutraceutical support by leveraging the power of popular natural weight management ingredients like green tea leaf extract.

The ingredient helps boost thermogenesis as well as oxidation thanks to the powerful antioxidant properties. This allows the body to burn more fat and calories.

Green tea also contains potent compounds, which are useful when it comes to boosting fat oxidation. In addition, it helps control appetite to bolster the effectiveness of a reduced calorie diet. The best part is that green tea achieves the weight-loss objectives without inducing any side effects.

The supplement leverages scientific knowledge of the human body to provide a superior product capable of enhancing the digestive system. The human body hosts more than 400 different species of bacteria all of which are vital to optimal digestive health. The bacteria is responsible for maintaining the system's linings and support the immune system.

A lack of adequate levels of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to problems, such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea and gas.


ProbioMune is one of SmartBiotics' flagship products. The supplement helps strengthen the immune system by ridding the body of harmful bacteria. It also provides a practical way to increase good bacteria in the digestive system. This multi-pronged approach is powerful enough to guarantee positive outcomes for the users.

The product is designed to ease digestion-related issues using a dual layer formula. It contains zinc, vitamin C and LR 5988 Gut Immune Health Matrix.

These essential ingredients provide a powerful combination. Vitamin C is useful for protecting cells and bolstering the immune system. Zinc, on the other hand, promotes the growth of healthy gut flora.

LR 5988 Gut Immune Health Matrix is capable of replenishing gut flora. Also, it relieves gas, constipation and bloating. The supplement's formula is fast-acting, thus it yields noticeable results in a matter of weeks. The majority of similar products use a formula that is laden with a wide array of bacteria.

Yet, ProbioMune maximizes results by including only two strains of bacteria: bacillus coagulans lacospore (100 million CFUs) and lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (10 billion CFU).

The Power Of Probiotics

Probiotics are known to restore a number of essential functions in the human body. They achieve the objective by delivering digestive nutrients needed to metabolize energy sources in addition to maintaining healthy digestion.

Introduced in the early 20th century, probiotics supplements are increasingly becoming popular around the world thanks to their proven efficacy. They encourage the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

They can only provide digestive benefits by reaching the colon via the stomach. However, the stomach environment hosts a wide range of microorganisms that make it difficult for good bacteria to survive.

Products like ProbioSlim come with the ground breaking probiotic known as LactoSpore. This type of bacteria is resilient and has the capacity to survive the harsh stomach environment to reach the colon. Once it safely traverses the digestive system, it multiplies in the colon.

The presence of LactoSpore helps relieve bloating, diarrhea, constipation and gas. It comes as no surprise that scientists at SmartBiotics opted for this bacteria.

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