If you’re working out with the goal of creating a muscular, fit physique, supplements are a critical element of maintaining proper nutrition that shouldn’t be overlooked.

While there are many supplements that should be viewed as crucial, such as protein supplements or amino acid complexes, there are many supplements that, while not essential for good health, can dramatically increase the rate at which the body can create new muscle mass.

These supplements work by modulating the production of testosterone in the body, or boosting the rate at which the body synthesizes muscle protein, enhancing recovery.

Finding an effective supplement that contains proven, safe ingredients, however, can be a difficult task.

Many supplements contain ineffective herbal ingredients that aren’t backed by clinical science, or untested and unregulated pharmaceutical compounds that can have serious health-damaging side effects.

4-Andro is a new performance and muscle boosting supplement from Steel Supplements that promises to optimize muscle mass creation, muscular fullness and pump, boost recovery speed, and modulate testosterone production to significantly enhance physique and form.

In this article, we’ll assess the 4-Andro formula and take a look at the scientific evidence that supports the ingredients to find out if 4-Andro is able to back up the claims it makes with clinical science.

What Is 4-Andro?

4-Andro is a new muscle boosting formula that is designed to deliver a performance enhancing boost to fitness enthusiasts that seek to increase muscle size and strength.

The 4-Andro formula avoids the ineffective and less powerful ingredients that are commonly used in less efficient muscle boosting compounds, such as creatine or tribulus terrestris, and instead uses lesser-known but highly powerful elements that are backed by proven clinical studies.

One of the primary functions of 4-Andro is to fight elevated estrogen levels.

Estrogen is an issue that plagues both everyday natural bodybuilders, and those that use anabolic compounds or testosterone replacement therapy to increase muscle gains, mass, and performance.

Often, the practice of elevating the levels of androgenic compounds in the body can cause an automatic response that increases the production of estrogen in the body.

Estrogen is known as the “female hormone” and, when present in excessive amounts in the male body, can cause increased fat retention, weaker muscles, low lift strength, and the development of breast tissue fat.

4-Andro is able to lower the estrogen conversion rates of the body, minimizing the hormonal imbalance caused by androgenic compounds.

The natural composition of the 4-Andro formula contains no toxic or artificial ingredients and instead leverages the proven ability of organic compounds that work in harmony with the body to boost strength, endurance, power, and recovery rates.

How does 4-Andro work, though? To find out, let’s take a look at the 4-Andro formula.

4-Andro Formula

The 4-Andro formula contains just three ingredients, but all have been clinically proven to deliver a profound and immediate effect on the body.

The first element of the 4-Andro formula is an extract of the seeds of the bryonia laciniosa plant. Bryonia laciniosa has been demonstrated in a 2010 clinical trial to boost testosterone production, proving the androgenic abilities of the formula.

The second ingredient of the 4-Andro formula is safed musli, or chlorophytum borivilianum. Extracts of this plant have been proven to induce the release of human growth hormone in the body, which boosts the rate at which the body can create new lean muscle mass.

The final element of the 4-Andro formula is an DHEA complex.

DHEA, or Dehydroepiandrosterone, is a legal and side effect free endogenous steroid hormone that has been demonstrated to deliver a massive boost to strength gains by dramatically elevating free testosterone levels, and has been shown in a six month comprehensive clinical investigation to increase the levels of powerful androgenic compounds, increasing total body muscle mass.

4-Ando contains three separate DHEA compounds for maximum bioavailability- 4-androstene-3b-ol 17-one, 17-one undecanoate, and 17-one caprylate.

All three forms of DHEA have been shown to deliver an increase in overall physical performance and muscle creation rates.

4-Andro Verdict

4-Andro is a rare find in a supplement market that is flooded with cut-rate formulas, ineffective ingredients that aren’t backed by any form of clinical evidence, or potentially harmful side effects.

Steel Supplement products have a reputation for delivering effective results with no filler content or health impact, and 4-Andro is no different.

If you’re looking for an effective muscle building supplement that can significantly increase the rate at which your body is able to build new muscle mass, 4-Andro is one of the best options available.



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