Recent studies have revealed that the two most important factors in the maintenance of peak physical performance after the age of 40 are a well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise. Eating habits in particular have come to the spotlight because researchers have found that with the ever increasing stress of everyday life, it is becoming harder and harder to maintain a regular exercise routine. Many leading nutritionists have therefore suggested a diet that contains controlled quantities of essential fats, proteins and carbohydrates to maintain a physically fit body.

 What is TestMax Nutrition?

TestMax Nutrition is an all new diet program that has been specifically designed for men over the age of 40, it aims to improve the physical conditioning of the user as well as optimise the hormone and enzyme production within an individual's body. Studies have shown that as one crosses 35 there is a marked decrease in the body’s production of testosterone and other essential hormones.

Similarly there is also a reduction in the metabolic activity within the user’s system which can lead to a variety of ailments including gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, dullness, poor energy levels, loss of cognitive ability.

 What are the key features of TestMax Nutrition?

TestMax Nutrition provides users with a number of unique features like:

(i) No Dependency issues: the meal plans include only vegetables and ingredients that can be procured easily, thus there is no risk of developing any dependency issues.

(ii) No Doctor’s appointments: the plan is well laid out and there is no need to consult any doctors, physicians or nutritionists to make full use of the system.

(iii) Easy to follow: there are no complex recipes that requires hours of preparation, all of the meals can be prepared simply and without much hassle.

(iv) Optimised for Older men: the system has been crafted to provide the perfect environment for increased hormone production. The plan also allows for easier melting of fat deposits which have accumulated over years of unhealthy eating habits.

 What are the main benefits of following this TestMax Nutrition?

The TestMax Nutrition key benefits that one can expect almost immediately upon commencing the program are:

(i) Improved Hormone Levels: the program has been divided into 3 phases, all of whom work towards enhancing the body’s natural capacity to produce essential hormones like testosterone, GH, LH.

(ii) Inhibition of androgens: the ingredients that are used for meal preparation work towards inhibiting female hormone production (mainly estrogen) which can cause a variety of undesirable effects.

(iii) Can be used by all men over 40: the program does not require users to be accustomed to certain training methods or know about certain diets, anyone who is looking to get their body in shape over the age of 40 can use the program.

(iv) Includes a variety of tasty foods: just because the program is aimed to get one into shape doesn't mean that one has to sacrifice on food quality and taste. With TestMax users can eat all of their favourite foods but with ingredients that have been handpicked and are known to provide certain additional benefits.

 How does the system affect one’s physiology?

The TestMax Nutrition plan targets key elements of our physiology that become slower as time progresses and gets them back to their peak performance levels. These aspects which are influenced include:

(i) Weigh Loss Ability: the system targets key fat deposits in our gut, thigh and belly region, and allows for the melting away of fat slowly but surely. These accumulation occur over a number of years and thus take some time to get rid off.

(ii) Muscle Mass: the diet regime focuses on supplying good quantities of proteins to one’s muscles and tendons. This allows for the faster rejuvenation of one’s lean muscle mass.

(iii) Bone Density: as one grows older our body’s bioavailability reduces, thus the foods that have been incorporated into the system allow for increased absorption of vitamins and minerals which promote bone density and strength.

(iv) Heightened Libido: one of the key aspects of the program is its ability to boost testosterone levels in users, this results in heightened sexual satisfaction and enhanced pleasure.

 What are the Key elements of this TestMax Nutrition diet program?

Hormone production can be greatly controlled through the consumption of specific ‘key-hormone regulating foods’, thus the TestMax Nutrition diet deals with foods that:

(i) Improve Testosterone production: the ingredients that have been selected have all been clinically found to improve the rate of testosterone in men’s bodies. They not only optimise but also increase the working of one’s internal organs so that users may feel rejuvenated and healthy.

(ii) Block Estrogen production: apart from boosting testosterone levels, the ingredients also actively work towards the inhibition of estrogen production. This hormone becomes dominant in older men and can cause various issues like Gynecomastia, low sex drive, reduced sperm count, infertility.

 The system has also been split into 3 key phases, these include:

(i) Hormonal Detox: this part of the diet focuses on eliminating one’s poor food choices by identifying certain foods that are detrimental to test-production.

(ii) Hormone Optimization: during this phase users can improve their t-levels by gradually changing their diet habits and cutting out any estrogen promoters from their daily eating habits.

(iii) New Lifestyle: in this phase users will have become acclimatized to their new dietary routines and will begin to experience improved health and fitness levels.

What products do i get with TestMax Nutrition?

The items that one receives upon purchase of the system include:

(i) Food Catalogue: this book includes an encyclopaedic knowledge of various nutrients and ingredients along with a detailed breakdown of their uses and benefits.

(ii) Kickstart Recipe Guide: these recipes are healthy and have been designed to cut out the need of any junk food that users may be accustomed to.

(iii) Hand Portion Control Guide: this book allows users to make quick and easy meals using easily found ingredients. These meals are nutritious and thus eliminate the need to snack on junk food.

 How can I purchase TestMax Nutrition system for myself?

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at their official website. The system can be downloaded instantly upon completion of order. Payments can be made using a variety of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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