TestoUltra is a nutritional supplement that promises to give you strong and long-lasting erections for “maximum sexual pleasure”. Here’s our TestoUltra review.

What Is TestoUltra?

TestoUltra is a nutritional supplement sold online through the TestoUltra website.

The supplement promises to enhance your sexual performance in a variety of ways, including by increasing the power and duration of your erections, boosting your sexual appetite, and giving you “more energy to go all night long”, explains the official website.

The supplement also claims to be 100% natural and 100% safe to use.

Obviously, TestoUltra is the kind of supplement millions of men around the world could use. But does it really live up to its promises? Or is this another sexual health supplement that makes big promises with no evidence? Let’s take a closer look.

TestoUltra Benefits

TestoUltra claims to work by providing three core benefits. Those benefits are achieved using natural ingredients. The three core benefits include:

  • Long-Lasting Sexual Energy: TestoUltra claims to give you the energy you need to go all night without stopping.
  • Increased Virility: By taking two pills of TestoUltra per day, you can increase your sex drive in the first week. As you continue to take TestoUltra, you’ll be able to further enhance your sex drive to a point where you’ll “surprise women with your virility”.
  • Maximum Pleasure: TestoUltra promises to give you long-lasting erections that last for hours along with more intense and powerful orgasms, so “you and your partner will be amazed”.

Basically, TestoUltra promises to enhance every stage of your sexual health – from your erections and orgasms to her pleasure.

That all sounds good – but how does TestoUltra actually achieve those benefits?

How Does TestoUltra Work?

TestoUltra’s ingredients have been specifically chosen because they improve the health of your penis. The ingredients specifically target four areas of penis health, including:

Health Of The Corpora Cavernosa:

The ingredients in TestoUltra increase blood flow to the corpora cavernosa, which is the part of your penis that fills with blood to achieve an erection. Drugs like Viagra also promote easier blood flow to the region, which is how they give you longer-lasting erections.

Hormonal Balance:

TestoUltra, as you may have guessed from the name promises to boost testosterone levels. Testosterone is the most important hormone for male sexual health.

Cell Regeneration:

TestoUltra maximizes the expansion of the corpora cavernosa, which means your body needs new cells to fill in the larger area. TestoUltra claims to be rich with antioxidants that are proven to boost the formation of new cell tissue.

Energy And Disposition:

TestoUltra claims to do more than just target the health of your penis. The supplement also claims to enhance your mood and energy so you have the power to go all night long.

Are any of these claims backed by science? What’s in TestoUltra? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

TestoUltra Ingredients

The primary ingredient in TestoUltra is the primary ingredient in other male enhancement formulas: it’s horny goat weed. Horny goat weed has been mixed with other ingredients to achieve the targeted benefits in TestoUltra.

TestoUltra does not disclose any dosage information about its supplement. Typically, if a supplement has large dosages, then the manufacturer likes to advertise that fact prominently.

In any case, here’s the full list of ingredients in TestoUltra:

  • Horny goat weed
  • Epimedium icariin
  • Tongkat ali root
  • Saw palmetto extract
  • Nettle root

All of these ingredients are commonly found in other natural testosterone boosters on the market. None of the ingredients are backed by considerable scientific evidence.

Horny goat weed, however, has been shown to mildly enhance your virility, although it hasn’t actually proven to raise testosterone levels.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, the makers of TestoUltra continue to insist their supplement is scientifically proven to supercharge your testosterone levels and boost sexual performance.

TestoUltra Scientific Evidence

The makers of TestoUltra claim that they invested in a clinical study involving more than 4,000 men. That study was conducted by “independent experts”.

At the conclusion of that study, researchers confirmed that TestoUltra was able to “increase power and sexual pleasure”. The only evidence we have of that study is two sentences on the official TestoUltra website:

“In clinical studies by independent experts, involving more than 4,000 men taking TestoUltra, it has been verified to increase power and sexual pleasure.”

That’s it. That’s the only scientific evidence we have for TestoUltra. There are no links to additional information about that study, or a link to where it was published.

Typically, nutritional supplement manufacturers cannot afford to invest in a study involving thousands of men. There’s no evidence that this study exists or was performed at all – which tells us that TestoUltra is most likely fabricating scientific evidence for its formula.

TestoUltra Pricing

TestoUltra is available to order in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and most Asian countries. However, it is not available to order in the United States. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 2 Bottles: $109.90 CAD + Free Shipping
  • 4 Bottles: $155.80 + Free Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $173.70 + Free Shipping

All of the prices listed above are in Canadian dollars. You cannot order just one bottle of TestoUltra. You need to order 2, 4, or 6 bottles at a time.

That pricing makes TestoUltra unusually expensive compared to other testosterone boosters on the market.

Another problem with TestoUltra is that there’s no viable return policy. Customers are forced to return their supplements to an address in Singapore if they want a refund.

You will not receive a refund on shipping. For most people, that means you’re unable to get a refund on your purchase.

Who Makes TestoUltra?

Obviously, there are some big problems with the way TestoUltra is marketed online, including fabricating scientific evidence. So who makes TestoUltra?

TestoUltra is made by nutritional supplement manufacturer BioTrim Labs. That company is known for making trendy nutritional supplements using whatever ingredients are popular on the market – like garcinia cambogia, yacon syrup, or acai berry.

You can contact the company by phone at 1-647-556-5993. The company appears to be based in Singapore (that’s where the returns address is listed).

TestoUltra Summary

TestoUltra appears to be a scam. The company makes unusually big claims about the effectiveness of its supplement, even going so far as to claim there was a clinical trial involving more than 4,000 men. There’s no evidence that the trial ever took place.

Another problem is that TestoUltra does not disclose its ingredient dosages. We know some of the ingredients in the formula, but the official website refuses to disclose any specific dosage information.

All of this means that TestoUltra is most likely an over-priced, under-dosed sexual health supplement that may work as a placebo – but has no scientific evidence reinforcing its benefits.

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