If you have ever found yourself stuck in a dieting rut, you are not alone. In fact, millions of men and women just like you have fallen victim to the marketing tricks and schemes that lure people into buying in.

Most of the time, this happens with fad diets that promise that you will lose weight quicker that you ever have before.

Other times, products will be introduced to the market that claim that if you follow a certain diet and take a collection of supplements you will be able to finally reach your goal weight. More often than not, these promises and claims are completely false.

They all take part in creating The Diet Myth.

Why Weight Loss Attempts Often Fail

Having a “diet” and “dieting” are two radically different things. The failure to understand the fundamental difference is what often leads to fad diets not being effective.

In the book, The Diet Myth, the author goes over how a person needs to change the way that they eat in order to lose their unwanted pounds.

Attitudes towards food, and how food can be used to help or to harm us are all attributes that can be learned over time.

In his informative book, Tim Spector discusses how to stop fad dieting once and for all, while also offering ways to change the way you think about the food that you eat.

Understanding Microbes

Learning how to change your normal diet to something that will keep you healthier while promoting weight loss is only one part of what makes The Diet Myth so revolutionary. The other factor of the weight loss puzzle concerns microbiology.

In extremely brief terms, this book spends time focusing on microbes and the role that they play in weight loss, fat storage, and our overall health.

You see, microbes are microorganisms that live inside your gut. Sometimes, they are called gut flora and they are responsible for keeping your digestive tract functioning normally, while helping to keep you in tip-top condition.

About The Author

The author of The Diet Myth, Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetics who has published over 700 academic papers. In addition, he has won several academic awards and distinctions regarding the extensive scientific research that he has accomplished.

In other words, he is no stranger to the science behind obesity, nutrition and the link between the two.

Stop Believing The Myth

As a society, we all tend to want to believe that certain diets, pills, workouts, and other “fads” can help us finally lose the weight that we no longer wish to carry.

Some of these so-called “fads” are very convincing, while others actually work for a short period of time.

When they do work they typically cause a “crash and burn” situation where you lose a bit of weight, but then you seem to gain more back all of a sudden.

Not only can this be dangerous to your health, it can also cause major problems with the flora and fauna that exists in your gut.

Learning how to unlock the secret power of keeping your microbes happy and healthy is all laid out for you in The Diet Myth. Order yours today and use it to figure out how to finally lose weight the right way.

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