The Mayo Clinic Diet Review

The one thing that most people strive for is health. No one wants to have a weak, sick body that prevents them from living the life they want. However, more and more often these days, people are kept from living the lives they want due to two main problems: Obesity or being Overweight.

The obesity crisis in the Western world is nothing new. In fact, over the past decade, the numbers have continued to rise steadily, with recent numbers showing that more than a third of all adults in the United States suffer from obesity. However, despite this increasing problem, people still long for the health that will give them the freedom to live happy, free lives.

Why Most Diet Programs Don’t Work

mayo-clinit-diet-reviewsThere are hundreds of health and diet programs available for purchase by people who want to change their lives and embrace their health. Unfortunately, there are several problems with these programs. The first is that many of them don’t work. They make broad promises that they are unable to fulfill, even when users follow their program consistently.

Another problem with the health and diet programs offered today are that they are created by questionable sources. These programs are made by self-proclaimed experts that, in actuality, have little to no experience. Because these programs were created by frauds, the results of the programs are questionable.

A third problem the health programs available for purchase today have is that they aren’t sustainable. This can be seen in those who commit to a diet for a certain number of weeks or months, often called a crash diet. Research has found that these dieters, even if they do lose the weight initially, will more than likely gain it all back. In fact, in 2015 it was found that less than 5% of all crash dieters actually keep the weight off.

Finally, the majority of the health and diet programs available for purchase these days are extremely expensive, costing users hundreds to thousands of dollars. Considering the results from these programs aren’t guaranteed, spending that amount of money for them seems extremely unreasonable.

The Mayo Clinic Diet was designed by medical professionals to combat all the problems listed above. By basing the diet on sustainable habits that have been proven in the medical field, the Mayo Clinic Diet has been able to completely change how people approach losing weight.

What Is The Mayo Clinic Diet?

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a lifestyle program that aims to help users lose weight in a healthy and maintainable manner. By focusing on adjusting the lifestyles of its members instead of encouraging them to go to drastic, harmful measures, the Mayo Clinic Diet is able to support its users in creating long-term, effective weight loss habits.

One of the biggest things that sets the Mayo Clinic Diet apart from so many of the other diet programs on the market is that it was designed by Mayo Clinic experts in the health field. These professionals used their expertise to create a weight loss and lifestyle system that supports a long-term, lifelong approach to weight loss, health, and wellness.

The program focuses on two distinct areas of the weight loss process. The first is a sustainable, efficient eating guide. The Mayo Clinic Diet utilizes the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid to create these eating habits with and for its members. The second area that the Mayo Clinic Diet focuses on is daily activity. The activity options are created to be choices that engage members, so they don’t dread working out every single day.


Why The Mayo Clinic Diet?

What makes the Mayo Clinic Diet so effective is that it can be used by anyone, no matter what their goals or needs are. Because the Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help users find a lifelong system that will help them lose weight and keep it off, it is a lifestyle program that can be adjusted for any current way of life.

The goal of the Mayo Clinic Diet is to help its users lose weight, crafting a system of eating that they can follow throughout their lives. By teaching its users how to pick healthy foods, portion sizes, and encouraging the development of other health habits, the Mayo Clinic Diet is able to promote a maintainable weight loss lifestyle.

Because of its flexibility to meet so many unique and different needs, the Mayo Clinic Diet has quickly become a favorite for those who want to make a permanent change in their lives.

Some of the reasons members chose the Mayo Clinic Diet, and stick with it, are because they:

-Love the types of food in the diet

-Love the amounts of food in the diet

-Want to change their eating habits permanently

-Want to lose unhealthy habits

-Want to form new, healthy habits

-Need to reduce certain health risks

-Want a maintainable diet program

-Trust the professionals at Mayo Clinic

And, because the Mayo Clinic Diet is more focused on lifestyle changes than just losing weight, it is able to offer results that are more permanent than any other diet system on the market.

How The Mayo Clinic Diet Works

The Mayo Clinic Diet is broken down into two parts. The first part, called Lose It, is the initial phase that focuses on helping member’s jumpstart their weight loss journey. The second phase in the Mayo Clinic Diet is Live It, where the program takes users through how they can maintain their diet and exercise plan permanently.

By breaking its system down into two parts, the Mayo Clinic Diet helps members who have not had experience or success with diet plans in the past ease into changing their lives. Instead of starving its members and forcing them to exercise crazy amounts of time, the Mayo Clinic Diet focuses on making adjustments that can be used forever.

Below is a brief description of the two parts that make up the Mayo Clinic Diet.

Lose It!

As mentioned above, Lose It is the first phase in the Mayo Clinic Diet. In this phase, which lasts for two weeks, members will jump start their weight loss journey. During the Lose It phase, members will concentrate on forming and keeping healthy lifestyle habits.

The habits are broken down into three sections. First, members of the Mayo Clinic Diet will work on adding five healthy habits to their current lifestyle. Then they will break five unhealthy habits, on top of keeping with the healthy habits they’ve already adopted. In the third and final section, members will adopt five more healthy habits as a little bonus.

By adding at least 30 minutes of physical activity, whether in the form of exercise or more extreme workouts, the Lose It phase of the Mayo Clinic Diet is where members will see the most change. In the two weeks, most members lose about 6 to 10 pounds.

Live It!

Once members have grown accustomed to living a healthier lifestyle in the Lose It phase, they will move into the Live It phase. This second part of the Mayo Clinic Diet focuses on taking the habits learned in the Lose It section and adjusting them so they can be used long-term.

The Live It phase will teach members more about how they can choose foods that are good for them, how to add these foods into detailed menu plans, and how to eat the correct portion sizes. While learning about healthy eating habits, members will also be taught how to set weight loss goals and make moves towards reaching these goals. And, of course, physical activity will remain a permanent part of members’ new lifestyle.

While larger amounts of weight will be lost in the Lose It phase, the Live It phase is all about consistency. In this phase, members usually lose one to two pounds a week. Because this amount of weight is being lost every week, they can stick with the plans made in Live It until they’ve reached their weight loss goals.

Purchasing the Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is based off the book of the same name, which can be purchased on Amazon or on the Mayo Clinic website.

In addition to the book, the Mayo Clinic Diet comes with an online program. This program allows users to track their healthy habits and keep motivated while they follow the diet’s program. The cost for the online program is $5 a week. This will be charged in advance for the quarter (13 weeks), bringing each payment to $65.

The Mayo Clinic Diet online program is a subscription membership, so users will be charged every quarter until they cancel their membership. Cancellation is very easy and only requires a few clicks for the charges to stop.

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