Triple Action Cleanse is a health product designed to promote better digestive health and increase your daily bowel movements. Here’s our Triple Action Cleanse review.

What Is Triple Action Cleanse?

Triple Action Cleanse is a colon cleansing and digestive health product designed to work over a 90-day period to flush “toxins” from your digestive tract and to provide for more regular bowel movements.

The system consists of three separate products: a Cleanse and Restore Fiber Drink, Herbal Detox supplements, and a Calm and Cleanse herbal tea.

Triple Action Cleanse Features

Triple Action Colon Cleanse works by supposedly “flushing the toxins” out of your lower digestive tract, repopulating it with probiotic bacteria, and provides for bowel regularity through the judicious application of high fiber supplements and herbal teas.

Triple Action Cleanse Creators

Triple Action Cleanse is a product of Therabotanics Supplements, a California-based company. The spokesperson for Triple Action Cleanse is Dr. Michael Ho, a chiropractor and acupuncturist that has practiced medicine in the US, Canada, Sri Lanka, and China.

Dr. Ho has promoted several different products over his career, including supplements and personal pain therapy systems.

Triple Action Cleanse Ingredients

The ingredients in Triple Action Cleanse are the following:

  • FiBest brand soluble fiber, which promotes regular bowel movements
  • Magnesium, which is a mineral that is linked with overall digestive health
  • Probiotics, beneficial gut bacteria that aid in digestion and regular elimination
  • Herbal blends containing dozens of natural herbal supplements that supposedly aid in maintaining digestive health

There truly are a monumental number of herbs that are jammed into Triple Action Cleanse products – 16 ingredients in fact.

Dr. Ho claims that these ingredients, which take the form of 6 herbs used in traditional alternative medicine used to cleanse the kidney, bladder and urinary tract, 4 herbs to promote the digestive tract to gently push waste out of the colon, and a special blend of 6 natural plant fibers to help flush waste from the body.

While Triple Action Cleanse is not billed as a weight loss product, it also comes bundled with a bottle of CitaTrim, a capsule blend of citrus extracts that will supposedly facilitate weight loss.

These capsules contain a proprietary blend consisting of 450mg of grapefruit, sweet orange, blood orange, guarana & maltodextrin extracts.

Purchasing Triple Action Cleanse

Triple Action Cleanse is available for purchase directly from the website in 30-day and 90-day supplies.

30 days of Triple Action Cleanse, which includes one container of the Cleanse & Restore fiber drink mix, the Herbal Detox supplement, 20 Calm and Cleanse herbal tea bags, and a 60-count of CitaTrim capsules, retails at $79.95 plus $5.95 shipping and processing.

90 day supplies of Triple Action Cleanse, which contain all of the products in the 30-day supply plus additional Cleanse & Restore fiber drink mixes, are available for either 3 monthly payments of $49.95 plus $9.95 shipping and processing or 1 payment of $129.90 plus $9.95 S&P.

Triple Action Cleanse Reviews

Triple Action Cleanse doesn’t have much of a positive reputation on Amazon. While there’s only one review so far, it is a one-star review – hardly a glowing recommendation.

However, it is literally just the opinion of a single consumer, which means that the product might not be as terrible as it’s made out to be.


  • Likely Works to Some Degree – thanks to the high fiber content in Triple Action Cleanse, the product likely does help users maintain some regularity with their bowel movements. However, this would be the result of anyone taking fiber supplements.


  • Poor Customer Service – the one Amazon reviewer was extremely dissatisfied with Triple Action Cleanse’s customer service, as they encountered repeated problems with incorrect orders and attempting to rectify the matter.
  • Possibly Misleading Advertising – much of Triple Action Cleanse’s advertising copy relies on the idea that the product “eliminates toxins” from the body, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. When it comes to toxin elimination, the human body is highly efficient and only needs help in the case of serious kidney or liver dysfunction.
  • High Price – the only Triple Action Cleanse ingredient that is likely to work is the fiber supplement, which can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

Triple Action Cleanse Summary

Triple Action Cleanse probably works to get you going to the bathroom regularly, but the high price – and the superfluous herbal remedies packaged with the product – are unlikely to do anything for your overall health.

If you want better digestive health, you don’t have to spend the kind of money that Dr. Ho is asking for.

You’re likely paying for ingredients that are, essentially, useless fillers. Instead, try some over-the-counter fiber supplements, as you’re likely to get the same exact results as you would with Triple Action Cleanse.


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