VitaPulse Review – Should You Try It?

Your health and wellbeing should be your number one priority. While exercise and a good diet certainly do lend themselves to your overall health and wellbeing, the best way to achieve your wellness goals is to add some supplements to your diet. If you are like most people though, figuring out which supplements can be a challenge.

Fortunately, there are a number of popular options on the market that may be the right fit for you. Before you go out and start purchasing, here is a review that can help you decide. Here is a review of one of the most popular supplements: VitaPulse.

What is VitaPulse?

Vitapulse is a supplement created by Princeton Nutrients, a well-known brand. This natural health supplement is aimed at improving your circulatory and cardiovascular health. As you can imagine, there are many supplements on the market that do the same.

However, what sets VitaPulse apart is that this supplement contains no fillers, it is only made with three ingredients, and based upon customer experience – it is fully effective and easy to incorporate into your diet. Another positive aspect to this supplement is the manufacturing company has a strong reputation in the industry for its line of supplements.

About Princeton Nutrients

Princeton Nutrients is a brand that focuses on developing and producing all-natural, effective, and high-quality supplements that improve your overall health. VitaPulse is the brand’s latest cardiovascular and circulatory supplement that gives you the necessary boost you need to live a healthier life.

This potent supplement is a collaboration between the brand and Dr. Bereliani, who has been generating heart healthy products that also support low cholesterol levels and circulatory functions. By choosing a product created by researchers and a medical professional, you can feel confident that VitaPulse is able to meet your overall health needs.

About the Ingredients

The power of VitaPulse results from the powerful and potent blend made from three heart-healthy ingredients. By understanding the ingredients, you can stay aware of what goes into your body and how it helps improve cardiovascular and circulatory function. The three great ingredients include:


VitaPulse contains 100 mg per serving of this powerful enzyme. While your body naturally produces CoQ10 on its own, it does not produce nearly as much as you need to gain the full benefit. By providing your body with more CoQ10, you are able to generate better cell growth and cell maintenance. In addition, the enzyme also has all of the natural functions of an antioxidant.

This means that CoQ10 prevents damage to your body that is commonly caused by free radicals. Finally, as a whole – the enzyme improves your heart health and gives you the energy you need to continue on throughout the day.

NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

VitaPulse contains 250 mg per serving. In most cases, this compound is commonly overlooked and it is a shame, because this amino acid is powerful enough to relieve you from even the most dire health problems. For example, it is known to cure liver failure, influenza, treat stomach ulcers, and even pulmonary hypertension and other diseases that affect the heart. Moreover, the antioxidant prevents bad LDL cholesterol from going through the oxidization process in your body. By preventing this from taking place, the antioxidant ensures that your blood vessels are not damaged form inflammation and the buildup from plaque in the arteries.

PPQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone)

There are 10 mg per serving of the final ingredient, commonly referred to as PPQ. Recognized as a vitamin, this compound originates from plant foods and has numerous heart benefits. The main purpose of PPQ is to simulate cell growth and development for a healthier body. It is also effective at improving your overall heart health because it treats muscle dysfunction, it improves the heart’s ability to resist acute oxidative stress, and it reduces fatigue so your heart does not need to work as hard to keep your energy levels up.

What Does VitaPulse Do?

VitaPulse is one of the most powerful and effective heart supplements that you will find on the market. This supplement has a number of functions, those of which are listed and explained below:

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol is one of the main markers of heart disease and poor heart health. To combat this issue, the ingredients in VitaPulse work to lower your cholesterol so that you can feel confident that your arteries and heart are free and clear from plaque. By avoiding plaque, you can safeguard your heart from developing heart disease or worse, a heart attack.

Reduces Your Blood Pressure

Another harmful problem that can harm your heart is high blood pressure. Fortunately, VitaPulse also combats high blood pressure, lowering your overall risk of developing a heart attack or suffering from exhaustion. With low blood pressure, you can also enjoy physical activity without worrying about over exerting your heart.

Prevents Inflammation

Inflammation around your heart can be correlated to different stages of atherosclerosis, which causes clogged arteries. VitaPulse also takes care of inflammation, thereby ensuring that your arteries are healthy and clear of plaque.

Overall, VitaPulse is a supplement that takes care of all key elements concerning your heart. By treating your heart with the right ingredients and avoiding harmful fillers, you can enjoy every day activities without worrying about risks like heart attack, chest pain, over exertion, and more.

Purchasing VitaPulse

If you are interested in VutaPulse, you can purchase it from the manufacturer’s website.  Since the company is located in California, you can expect the product to ship quickly to your home. The current rate for one bottle, which contains 30 capsules and will last you about a month, is $49 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling. If you would like to order 3 or 6 bottles, then the cost is $127 and $235 respectively.


VitaPulse is a powerful, effective, and natural supplement that can easily improve your overall heart health. The product is known for its ability to boost the condition of your heart quickly and without any of the troublesome that most products entail.

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