WarFit (“Warrior Fitness”) is a downloadable eBook that teaches you a unique conditioning program based on martial arts. Will it really turn you into a “modern warrior”? Find out today in our WarFit review.

What is WarFit?

WarFit, found online at WarriorFitness.org, is a training program created by Jon Haas, a strength coach and martial artist.

The book is currently being marketed to anyone who wants to become a traditional or modern warrior. One sales page is specifically addressed to the “martial artist, combat athlete, military personnel, or LEO”.

The training program comes in the form of a downloadable eBook PDF file. After your purchase is confirmed, the PDF file will be emailed directly to your inbox. You’ll then be able to transfer the eBook to any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.

What Will You Learn with WarFit?

WarFit describes itself as a “step-by-step program for winning through superior conditioning.”

Most training programs either improve your strength (like through weight training) or your conditioning (like through cardio). WarFit promises to do both. Here’s how Jon Haas describes it:

“Discover how to skyrocket your conditioning levels while simultaneously building whole-body strength, power, and agility!”

One of the biggest mistakes people make with modern exercise training is the lack of conditioning. Many bodybuilders have excellent strength – but without conditioning, that strength is virtually useless.

“Without conditioning a fighter has no access to his techniques…without conditioning an athlete has no access to his strength”, explains the official WarFit website.

Which Conditioning Mistakes Are You Making?

WarFit explains that we make serious conditioning mistakes when we train. Jon Haas specifically outlines three critical mistakes that are particularly common, including:

-Conditioning Mistake #1: Focusing On Aerobic Fitness – Haas claims that too many of us focus on “steady state cardio”, where we run or bike at a set pace for a long period of time. Instead, a “warrior” focuses on exercising at different rates of speed – because that’s how life comes at you. As Haas explains, “There will be periods of brutally intense activity followed by lulls in the action, again followed by another flurry of activity. Being able to use those lulls in action to recover is a critical ability for the warrior.”

-Conditioning Mistake #2: WOD Envy – Today’s biggest fitness trend, especially with combat conditioning, is to completely change up the workout for each and every session. This can keep training fresh and interesting, but it can also muddle your results. As Haas explains, “Random training yields random results.” Haas recommends sticking to something called the SAID Principle, or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, which means that the body adapts with a specific type of fitness to any demand imposed on it.

-Conditioning Mistake #3: All High Intensity All the Time – One common conditioning mistake warriors make is that they focus too much on high-intensity workouts, never giving themselves a break from the action. This can increase the risk of injury and lead to diminishing returns. Instead, Haas recommends “back-off workouts and deload weeks”. After these weeks, your body will be able to bounce back stronger than ever before.

How Does the WarFit System Fix These Mistakes?

So now let’s get to the real question: how exactly does the WarFit training program differ from the thousands of other exercise programs available on the internet today? Well, here are some of the things Haas will teach you throughout the program:

-An 8 week combat conditioning program that teaches you how to “forge a warrior’s whole-body strength, endurance, and toughness”

-Learn how to utilize the “programmable chaos” to power your workouts, guide your results, and keep exercise interesting

-Highly effective workouts focused on building functional, real-world strength and increasing your muscle power

-Step-by-step workout guide and video instructions explaining exactly how to build strong, functional muscle and burn fat at the same time

-Peak performance improvement across all martial arts

-How to warm up properly before a workout, including dynamic mobility and resistance band warm-up and “prehab” to significantly decrease your risk of injury

-The “Warrior Flexibility Cool Down Routine” that eliminates residual tension and reduces the delayed onset of muscle soreness

WarFit Pricing

WarFit is priced at $37 USD.

The eBook is sold through Clickbank, the popular eBook retailer based in Idaho. That company accepts all major credit cards (and PayPal) through its online payment processing platform.

All purchases also come with a handful of bonuses, which we’ll talk about below. You also get an unconditional 60 day refund – which is the same refund we see on all Clickbank eBooks.

What’s Included with WarFit?

WarFit comes with two bonus features. Haas claims that each bonus feature adds $25 of value to the package. The bonus packages include:

-Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts E-Book – This is the original Warrior Fitness book that started Haas’s movement. It teaches you how to quickly attain a new level of strength, flexibility, and endurance – like a warrior.

-Warrior Fitness Guide to Striking Power – This eBook teaches you the art of striking, as taught by everything from traditional martial arts to modern MMA.

After your purchase is confirmed, all of these eBooks are delivered to your email inbox in the form of PDF files. No printed versions or physical items are delivered here – it’s just digital documents.

Who is Jon Haas?

Jon Haas is called “The Warrior Coach”. For the last 25 years, he has been training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, where he is currently ranked as a Kudan (9th degree black belt) under Jack Hoban Shidoshi.

Jon has also trained in a variety of other martial arts, including Okinawan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Russian Systema, BJJ, and Krav Maga.

Some of Jon’s professional designations include a certification as an Underground Strength Coach (Level 2) along with ACE and FMS personal trainer certification.

WarFit Review Summary

Are you frustrated with your modern exercise program? Are you tired of sweating your butt off at the gym – only to get average results? WarFit might be the right choice for you. In WarFit, “The Warrior Coach” Jon Haas teaches you how to follow a varied, cross-training-style workout program that mixes up your workouts while keeping everything focused towards a common goal.

That common goal is to become a stronger person. There’s an emphasis on functional strength, real movements, and most importantly, better conditioning.

If you’re looking for an interesting new workout program to try, and you like the idea of implementing various workout and martial arts techniques into your program, then WarFit may be the right choice for you. Download it today for $37 from WarriorFitness.org.

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