WellWell is a line of cold-pressed juice drinks naturally high in antioxidants and electrolytes that are ideal for post-workout recovery. Here’s our WellWell review.

What Is WellWell?

WellWell is a juice drink, packaged in a 12-fluid ounce bottle, made with organic cold-pressed watermelon, organic tart cherry, and biodynamic lemon, which is similar to organic but certified in a different manner.

How WellWell Works

WellWell’s cold-pressed ingredients contain high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, electrolytes, and amino acids that are ideal for providing relief from the stresses placed on the body in the wake of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

These compounds reduce the recovery time for the body and help to prevent muscle soreness after working out thanks to their antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties.

Who Makes WellWell?

WellWell is based in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan (North of Little Italy) and is run by CEO Sagan Schwartz, COO Larry Praeger, and Chief Culture Officer Michael Chernow.

The latter name may be familiar to anyone who spends time watching A&E’s “Food Porn” television show, as Chernow serves as the host to that television program as well as the co-founder of the chain of popular Manhattan eateries known as The Meatball Shop.

Meanwhile, Praeger is the son of the “Dr. Praeger” from Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers, known for innovating making veggie burgers available in the frozen foods aisle over two decades ago, and he also serves as CEO of his father’s company.

WellWell Ingredients

WellWell features three ingredients and three ingredients only: cold-pressed organic watermelon, cold-pressed organic tart cherry, and cold-pressed biodynamic lemon. There are no other ingredients.

These are natural sources of the following:

  • 767mg of Potassium (the equivalent amount found in 2 bananas), an essential electrolyte
  • Antioxidants with a capacity of 3.657 ORAC (5 times that of blueberries)
  • About 1000mg of L-Citrulline, an amino acid important to heart and blood vessel health
  • 17mg of Lycopene (1.5 times that of a tomato), a phytochemical that may improve cardiovascular health and reduce swelling

WellWell Pricing

A six-pack of WellWell juices, shipped FedEx overnight to ensure freshness, is available from the WellWell website for $49.99. Anyone who agrees to an autoship every 1 to 4 weeks receives a 10% discount on all orders.

WellWell is also sold in select Whole Foods stores in the United States.

WellWell Reviews

WellWell is certainly a niche product, as it’s designed specifically for post-workout support. To that end, it’s directly competing with highly visible sports nutrition companies yet still seems to be holding its own, despite its new-to-the-market nature.

Still, because it’s a relatively new product and is only available directly from the WellWell website and at select Whole Foods locations, there’s little being said about it in the realm of consumer reviews. We’ve found a few gems to share, however.


  • Excellent Watermelon Flavor – The primary flavor of WellWell has been carefully tweaked so that watermelon is primary, supported by notes of tart cherry and lemon. This provides the drink with an excellent overall flavor that doesn’t suffer from being too sweet or too tart.
  • Good Post-Workout Support – The substances contained in the cold-pressed juices that make up the ingredients of WellWell have, in many cases, the same ingredients used in sports nutrition supplements designed to provide post-workout support.
  • Organic – With two of the three ingredients being certified organic (and the third ingredient being certified biodynamic), this product is all-natural, which will appeal to anyone that has concerns about what they’re putting in their body.


  • Requires Refrigeration – While almost every sports drink tastes better cold, it’s not a requirement for them to be refrigerated. However, because of the organic, fresh ingredients in WellWell, refrigeration is absolutely required. This makes them less ideal choices when it comes to being packed and brought along for the day unless you employ some sort of insulated bag.
  • Expensive – Whether you buy one at Whole Foods (notorious for high prices) or have a refrigerated six-pack overnighted to your door for $50, there’s no getting around it: this is a premium product. Your wallet is going to take a beating if you purchase these products regularly.

WellWell Summary

The price of WellWell really puts us off, especially because the company’s founders urge everyone they meet to make WellWell an everyday drink. Honestly we can’t think of too many people who can afford to drink a bottle of WellWell every day.

If you’re looking for a simple post-workout supplement, you’ll likely do better if you purchase a container of powdered mix from some sports nutrition company – you’ll save a lot on the purchase price compared to WellWell.

However, if organic, preservative-free post-workout sports drinks without any preservatives are important to you, then WellWell is most certainly your best bet.

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