Wine Down Box is a monthly subscription to a supply of California wine, artisan cheese, salami, and handmade crackers.

What differentiates this company from competitors is that they produce wine directly from small and medium-sized farms and vineyards that are packaged and shipped to the buyer immediately. Their goal is to provide top quality and fresh products.

How They Preserve Freshness on the Dairy and Meets

Since dairy and charcuterie have a limited shelf life, customers may wander what measures are taken to ensure that these food items will be fresh and edible upon receiving their order.

The boxes are insulated and contain freezer bricks to maintain refrigeration while the product is in route to its destination without spoiling.

Wine Down Box may suggest alternative shipping methods in the months where the weather is hot. The meats may have a white covering on it when the customer receives the product, but it is a safe edible mold that protects it from aging and spoiling while in transit.

Other Health Concerns

Since the subscription packages vary from month to month, the ingredients constantly change. Anyone with allergies should contact Wine Box Down for specific questions.

Types of Gift Sets

Wine Down Box offers two types of gift sets: the Holiday Gift Box and the general Gift Subscription.

Holiday Gift Box

The “Best of Everything” Holiday Gift Box is a premier product that consists of top rated products tasted by the team members of Wine Down Box. This gift box includes the following:

  • Napa Valley 2011 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Original Plymouth Cheese (8oz)
  • Cacciatorino Salami (2oz)
  • Finocchiona Salami (2oz)
  • Spiced Honey Creme (3oz)
  • Blackberry Honey Creme (3oz)
  • Black Olive Tapenade (2.5oz)
  • Chocolate Truffles (4 pieces)

The Holiday Gift Box is priced at $179.

General Gift Subscription Box

The general Gift Subscription consists of monthly pairings of California wine, artisan cheese, and charcuterie. Each monthly box consists of the following:

  • Limited Production California Wine (1 bottle)
  • Fresh Artisan Cheese (~2.8oz)
  • Charcuterie (~2.5oz)
  • Hand Made Crackers (2oz)
  • Wine and Cheese Pairing Sheet
  • Personalized Gift Note (give only on the first subscription order)

Subscription Plans –Pricing

Wine Box Down offers four types of subscription plans.

  • 1 month subscription ($49/mo.)
  • 3 month subscription ($48/mo.)
  • 6 month subscription ($47/mo.)
  • 12 month subscription ($45/mo.)

All the prices listed include shipping and handling. All of the subscription plans that are greater than one month will bill the customers’ credit cards at the end of the subscription.

If someone would like to cancel the remainder of the subscription orders, the customer will be billed up to the end of the month on the day the customer cancelled.

Purchasing Information and Restrictions

All wine and cheese gift orders can be purchased directly on their website: Due the varying direct wine shipments laws in each state in the US, they only ship their products to select states in the US. They do not deliver to addresses in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode island
  • South Dakota
  • Utah

There are also restrictions in residents of certain zip codes in Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire and West Virginia, but they are willing to tailor a solution to residents living a restricted area in those states.

Weather Restrictions

Since July-September are the hottest months of the year, shipping is only restricted within 2-day ground shipping distance of Wine Down Box’s headquarters in San Diego, California.

They do claim that they are working on solutions to make the restrictions to this problem less limiting.

Conclusion –Is This Brand Legit?

Wine Down Box appears to be a legit business, and seems like a great product for wine and cheese enthusiasts that live in non-restricted area in the United States. For these reasons, the brand is recommended.

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