There are many things that are important to teenagers and to listen to them talk, it can be something as simple as worrying about that biology final or something important like what college they will be choosing.

Parents watch their children grow from tiny bundles of joy to teenagers and want to help them on their journey in every possible way. One issue that teenagers (and others) have faced since the beginning of time is, acne.

Pimples, zits, or acne, it really doesn’t matter what name you give this common condition. Most teenagers would call it gross and embarrassing. What if there were a simple, one-step acne product that could give your teen a clearer face with less ance? From the makers of Proactiv, there is a one-step treatment that promises to do just that.

What is X Out?

This new treatment is an easy, convenient wash-in product that even has a cool name that is catchy makes it easy to remember. X Out is the latest acne fighting product from Proactive and is designed with teenagers in mind.

Proactiv, also known as Proactiv Solution has been around since 1995 and has flooded the skincare market with a line of products that they state are proven to reduce pimples and blackheads.

Their newest acne fighter, X Out, works by cleansing deep into the pores and then leaving a residual medicine behind that may help to kill bacteria, preventing future breakouts.

How Does X Out Work?

The acne fighting treatment contains 8.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is the #1 recommended anti-acne medicine in the U.S. In addition to this powerful medicine, The X Out formula also contains smooth beads which are intended to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving the face smoother.

Also listed in the ingredients is, sodium cocoyl isethionate, derived from coconut that is known for its cleansing agents. The makers of this product also claim that teenagers will feel an, “icy slap” at the end of the washing process and that is probably due to the menthol that is contained in the product.

This product is a one step, wash-in treatment that addresses the needs of some teens who find a multi-step process complicated. Simply wash with the medicated treatment for 2 minutes.The active ingredient in X Out is deposited deep into pores, where it can effectively battle the cause of acne.

According to the makers, X Out is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and is completely paraben and sulfate-free which makes it gentler on sensitive skin.

Designed For Tech-Savvy Teens?

The directions for X Out state that you should use the wash-in treatment for a total of 2 minutes. Short of using a timer while they are washing, most teens have no idea how long or short those 2 minutes really are. The makers of X Out realized that in order for this product to work properly, they needed to give the kids an easy way to time the application.

X Out is the first acne brand that has developed an entertainment channel to help teens to time how long they need to wash with the solution. Each bottle has a code that when scanned with a smartphone, will direct the user to the X Out Daily Distraction. This unique site has videos that are timed at exactly 2 minutes, taking the guesswork out for the teenager. The videos range from fashion tips to sports, but are updated daily to provide fresh content every time a teenager connects.

What Are The Side Effects When Using X Out?

The most common side effects reported by consumers after using a product containing benzoyl peroxide is mild burning or stinging. Some users also report peeling or flaking of skin at the application site.

Ready to give X Out acne treatment a try? Don’t grab the car keys and head to the store or pharmacy as you will not find it there. X Out may be purchased online through the manufacturer’s website. Amazon also has a limited offering of the X Out and Proactiv brand.

If ordering through the X Out website, be aware that the purchase of any product is on a recurring billing cycle. A credit card must be put on file and will be charged automatically with each subsequent shipment. After the initial order, the next shipment arrives in approximately 4 weeks. Until cancelled, shipments will continue to arrive every 12 weeks.

When ordering a 90 day supply of any of the X Out products, shipping is free. If the 30 day option is selected, shipping is $5.99.

Prices vary from $9.95 for the X out basic kit to $29.95 for the X Out Shine Kit and X Out Body Kit.

The website also offers the Xtra Clean Brush that when added to an existing order only costs $14.95 and comes with a silicone head and two cleansing speeds.

All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

What Are Customers Saying?

When looking to buy a product, especially one that is not found in a brick and mortar store, it’s important to do some research. That may include reading customer reviews. On the X Out website, there are many “before” and “after” pictures with one-line reviews about how great the product worked and praising X Out for how well it helps improve acne. They even ask teens to send in testimonials about how well the product worked for them, enticing them with a chance to have individual reviews seen on television.

Still not convinced?

One click will take you to dozens of reviews that have not been posted on the X Out website. In looking over reviews on Amazon from the customers that bought this acne treatment, the results are much more forthcoming than on the X Out testimonial page.

20% of consumers gave the product the lowest possible rating of just 1 star. Less than half gave X Out the highest rating of 5 stars. Many reviews claim that the product simply did not work for them. Some reported slight improvement, though many complained about the rubbery smell and others complained of burning or redness.

The biggest complaints were from consumers that were not happy with the customer service provided by this company. Recurring shipments that were never ordered was one complaint, as well as recurring credit card charges for products that were never received. Many people stated that even after numerous calls to the manufacturer, that their concerns were never properly addressed.

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