Body hair removal products are an important industry in today’s society. Many women today simply do not leave the house without shaving their body parts. It has been fixed in our mind that women are “not attractive” with body hair because society says so.

A woman alone can remove hair from her upper lip (not to mention complete face), and her entire body (legs, armpits, pubic area, back, etc.).

In the past men’s body hair was thought of as an asset for them to show their man hood, but today many men also resort to shaving their body parts (face, chest, arms, abdomen, sideburns, you name it).

While some women today disagree with shaving because they feel entitled to their rights and do not feel the need to abide by what society thinks, there are many women out there who would go to any extent to have it removed.

You can remove hair by getting laser treatment (for those who can afford it), you can get them waxed off (at a salon or at home) or you can simply shave at home.

With the many hair removal products to choose from, how can you simply know which product would work best? Well that’s not possible, you won’t know until you experience it.

Unfortunately, shaving’s cons outweigh the pros as it does a lot of irritable bruising, burns and making the overall process a total mess.

Is it ever possible to shave in a way that you’ll get a pleasant, scar free and a smooth finishing touch? Yes!

Finishing Touch Yes created a hair removal product that defeats all the possible cons associated with a razor and ensures that your hair removal experience is one to enjoy rather than one to grieve over.

About Finishing Touch Yes!

Finishing Touch Yes is a razor with a Sensa-Light Technology embedded in the head of the product. What this means is that once you turn on the razor, it will only work when it senses your skin and unwanted hair.

Once the razor senses the skin, an alternating blade will be activated that moves against a second blade, resulting in trimming of hair within seconds.

It will then deactivate when it does not sense skin or hair within 6 seconds, and will reactivate when it contacts with the skin.

The Sensa-Light Technology’s head is guaranteed to last up to one year. However it also depends on which part of the body you remove hair from the most.

For instance, if it a smaller area like the arm pits or upper lip, it will last much longer compared to removing hair from your legs, arms or back because it requires more effort from the Finishing Touch Yes!

It is not recommended to use while bathing or showering because it is engineered to use in a dry environment.

How Much Does It Cost To Achieve Such A Finishing Touch?

The Finishing Touch Yes costs $39.99. When comparing to a leading razor brand, this product is a useful investment as it has a minimum life expectancy of a year and could last longer given the area used for the care and maintenance provided.

A disposable razor may rust sooner compared to Finishing Touch Yes because of the usage, maintenance, and the frequency. With the purchase of a package of disposable razors, you need to also purchase shaving cream (and for men after shave).

The advantage with Finishing Touch Yes is that you do not need additional products such as shaving cream and after-shave because it gives smooth and pleasant results.

Depending on your choice of disposable razors, shaving cream and after shave it may either cost more, less or exactly the same as Finishing Touch Yes, but at the end of the day, Finishing Touch Yes is a more convenient, delicate and smooth resulting product.

In terms of maintenance, Finishing Touch Yes works on battery, therefore with the purchase of your product, you are also given a lithium ion battery charger.

Instead of purchasing a new Finishing Touch Yes, you simply change the head of the razor, making it a must have body hair removal product.

Finishing Touch Yes VS. The World

Using the best razor that meets your need solely depends on your taste, the comfort achieved and the overall results.

With the technology embedded in the Finishing Touch Yes, it is sure to be safe for sensitive skin, odorless, eliminates possibilities of cuts, razor bumps and burns, and works well on any hair type and anywhere unwanted hair may be found.

There honestly is no other way to put it, why purchase an expensive gadget if it doesn’t produce the results of your liking? Keep in mind that, one product may satisfy one person while forming regret within another.

It may be advertised for all skin types, but it comes down to each individual’s taste.

Some argued that with small hair, it is much tougher to see desired results as they claim it to not remove it at all. If that is the case, it is advisable to let your hair grow to a certain length in order to remove it.

It is best not to shave often because when you use a razor, it eliminates hair on the surface without attacking the root of the hair. Because the root is not eliminated, hair will grow back much faster and thicker.

There are many alternatives to shaving, such as laser treatments but with that comes a hefty price. In addition, it requires multiple sessions to supposedly “permanently remove hair”, but such a thing does not work on everyone.

Most people still have slender hair growth no matter how many laser treatments you’ve attended. With laser treatments, you need to consider hormonal aspects, genetics and skin type. Therefore, resorting to a razor that eliminates the main problem is a better idea.

Finishing Touch Yes gives you desirable results with minimal additional products, soothing skin, fights the main problem and gives you an overall easy experience. Compared to disposable razors, Finishing Touch Yes lasts much longer and requires simple maintenance.

You can order it at Are you looking for a soothing finishing touch? Yes!

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